How is Jacob Tremblay, actor of Extraordinary, five years after the film?

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The actor Jacob Tremblay is one of the most successful child stars today. Besides having already starred in films that stood out in the Oscaryou should probably recognize him more for his performance in Extraordinarymovie of 2017 that drew some good tears from the audience. But, five years after the premiere of the feature, how is Tremblay today?

To understand the reason for Jacob’s prominence in the film industry, one has to go back a few years before the release of Extraordinary. The boy’s first big role was when he was just nine years oldin the movie Jack’s Room (2015).

Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay sitting on the floor in the movie Jack's Room.

Jacob Tremblay was just nine years old when he made Jack’s Room.

starring Brie Larsonwho won a Oscar for Best Actress for his performance in the feature, Jack’s Room tells the story of a mother who lives isolated in a room with her son, jack, who is brilliantly played by the young actor. There, they inhabit the room without having contact with the outside world, with the exception of the visit of the man who keeps them captive.

Jacob Tremblay as Auggie Pullman in Extraordinary.

Extraordinary is one of the highlights of Tremblay’s career.

Tremblay’s performance in the feature made his career jump from time to time. Hollywoodguaranteeing you new projects and more opportunities, such as the Extraordinaryadaptation of the homonymous literary work by RJ Palace, which is played by him. In the plot, we follow Auggie Pullmana boy who has Down syndrome Treacher Collinswhich causes facial deformation.

How is Jacob Tremblay doing these days?

Jacob Tremblay in Good Boys, one of his most recent films.

Born in 2006at the CanadaJacob Tremblay has 15 years nowadays and has not stopped working with cinema. In addition to the aforementioned films, which continue to be the most recognized projects in his career, the actor was also in the films My Life With John F. Donovan (2018), good boys (2019) and Doctor Sleep (2019), the sequel to the horror classic The illuminated (via All VIP).

Currently, Jacob Tremblay is 15 years old.

In addition, Tremblay was also responsible for lending his voice to lucacharacter from the animation of the same name Pixar which premiered in 2021. Still in the field of animations, he also made the voice of the robin in the animated series harlequin.

Jacob Tremblay continues with several projects in the pipeline.

What to expect from Jacob Tremblay for the future, then? The biggest highlight is for the long-awaited film live action in The Little Mermaidwhich is scheduled to debut in 2023. In the feature, the actor will be the voice of the iconic yellow and blue fish, also known as Sole.

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