I managed to discover the new Grêmio team watching the training!

This Monday’s training ended up opening up which Grêmio’s starting team will be for the game against Guarani, on Friday, in Campinas.

Roger did training on a reduced field, where the defense had to play and the attack had to score under pressure and try to steal the ball.

And, joining the two teams, this was the starting lineup: Gabriel Grando; Rodrigo Ferreira, Geromel, Bruno Alves and Nicolas; Villasanti and Lucas Leiva; Gabriel Teixeira, Campaz and Guilherme; Diego Souza.

Here the team that coached – Reproduction

Some points:

  • Before training, Roger talked for 10 minutes with Brenno. Afterwards, Gabriel trained as a goalkeeper alongside the titular defender. There was no way to hear the conversation, but it is an indication that Gabriel is going to follow and, apparently, Brenno was warned about that.
  • Villa and Lucas Leiva trained on the same line, each on one side. It didn’t have a well-defined first or second. Both played side by side.
  • Guilherme was tipped by the left, in the vacancy that belonged to Ferreira. He has acted like this as soon as he rose from the Grêmio base. Then he ended up playing more on the right, which is his preference. However, out of necessity, the vacancy was there.
  • The scheme remained a 4-2-3-1, with Campaz centralized organizing the plays. We still don’t know what it will look like when Bitello is available in the next round.
  • Even if he is released from now on, Thaciano trained among the reserves. He will be on the bench against Guarani.

Lucas Uebel / Gremio

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