Lisca explains Fernández’s departure from Santos’ starting lineup

Coach Lisca surprised everyone in the Santos squad against Fluminense, in a 2-2 draw, in Vila Belmiro, in a game valid for the Brazilian Championship. The biggest surprise was Rodrigo Fernández among the substitutes and Camacho in the starting lineup.

After the tie, Lisca explained the decision for the change in the team’s way of marking: individual pursuits leave and zone marking comes into action.

“Because of the issue that I needed to balance the technical part. Camacho has more game, he knows the way Fernando (Diniz) plays well. Camacho has always been a man he trusted. very conditioned in the man, characteristic of him. He’s a great player. But as I’m changing the marking references, it’s now: ball, space, teammates and opponent. We don’t chase after the men anymore. Rodrigo has a little difficulty , there in Fortaleza we lowered too much, he and Bruno had a lot of difficulty in zone marking, pass. So, I needed this game a quality in the initiation, in addition to the knowledge of the opponent”, said Lisca.

Finally, the coach commented that there is an exchange forecast and praised the Uruguayan player’s entry. He participated in the second Santos goal with a beautiful throw to Ângelo at the beginning of the move.

“The exchange was planned, even because of wear and tear. Here we are exchanging the I for the us. He started the game well, gave a beautiful pass to Ângelo, he is already understanding better the dynamics that we want. We have some players who can play”, completed Lisca.

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