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According to the coach, the choices were to improve the technical part. He explained that Rodrigo Fernández is still assimilating the concepts, and that’s why he was an option on the bench.

– I needed to balance the technical part. Camacho knows Diniz, he has always been his trusted man. Rodrigo is conditioned in the man, he is a great player. Our reference is ball, space, teammates and opponents. We don’t chase anymore. Rodrigo is assimilating and improving. I needed a higher quality of play that Camacho gives in initiation. Diniz does a different job, only he does full parallel and fills the field side. Time is very associative. I had already planned the exchange, the three in the middle wore out a lot. We are exchanging me for we. Rodrigo came in well, disarming, gave a beautiful pass for the second goal. Glad to have some who can play.

Lisca in Santos vs Fluminense — Photo: Ivan Storti/Santos FC

For Lisca, despite the team’s improvement on the field after a full week of training, there is still more work to be done. But, for the commander of Peixe, the team entered with more confidence, different from the confrontation against Fluminense.

– There’s a lot missing. It was just a week. It’s a long time for Brazilian football, but only one week. We will have open weeks to interfere with the team. In the middle of the championship with Wednesday and Sunday is a lot of video and analysis, but little practice. We practiced a lot on top of what Fluminense presented. We detected and worked three or four times to neutralize Diniz’s full parallel and not let the game reverse, without running after them and spacing our team. Zonal marking with ball pressure. We changed the system with the entry of Léo Baptistão and went in a 4-4-2, with two midfielders, two wingers and two on the inside.

– Sandry wanted to make up for the penalty and went up too much, I had trouble asking him to hold more. We detect it, but it’s hard to practice. But we managed to practice. We managed to work well, we increased the intensity of training. They were a little scared about the mileage and acceleration, but we have to prepare. We can feel the physical aspect a little at the end, but in 15 or 20 days the level will be better. I’m sure because I know what I’m doing.

Best moments: Santos 2 x 2 Fluminense, for the 20th round of the Brasileirão 2022

Best moments: Santos 2 x 2 Fluminense, for the 20th round of the Brasileirão 2022

Lisca also discussed the possible coming of Luan to Santos. Player must be loaned by Corinthians, free of charge, to Peixe.

– I’m not talking about reinforcements, even more about those who aren’t at Santos. I can’t comment on a maybe. The question has to be asked to the presidency and the board. When player is introduced, I can speak. Market is busy, Santos is working hard, but quiet. I already scored what I need, my preferences and that’s what I do. Luan thinks he’s a great player, but I can’t comment. He is a Corinthians player. The question has to be for the board of Corinthians.

Check out other excerpts from Lisca’s press conference:

Leo Baptistão’s departure from the starting lineup

– Baptistão is having a bit of trouble on the edge within this system. Barbosa is a great player, at the age of 21 he is a full-fledged player. He does very well tactically. Baptistão felt a little bit the fundamentals of the position, the support. Capixaba won many balls from him. I want to use Baptistão more from the inside, as a second striker. Rodrigo went for technical and tactical reasons, Baptistão was more tactical. Baptistão doesn’t have the facility that Barbosa has. Angelo got in well, but Sandry got in in a hurry after not playing for a while. Sánchez gives me consistency, articulation, but he doesn’t attack the lines like Sandry did. He rushed and it was a very doggy penalty, but it’s possible to score, there was a touch from Matheus Martins. They only hit from outside, but we have a great goalkeeper. The penalty had a negative effect.

– Santos fans supported until the end, they didn’t give in with the turnaround. I needed more strength, but there was too much. We ran for Sandry and we lost and we won together. When we make a mistake, we will give the ball again because that way the player gains confidence. I don’t have 11 holders. Unfortunately, you can’t nail it, right? The gringos do rotation and praise, but we are sparrows. I will always scale according to our characteristics and those of our opponents. Julio and Ângulo training very well, Rwan hurt and crazy to play. Maicon and Luiz Felipe made themselves available and helped a lot. Maicon is also a builder, he finds important passes.

“A Santos with a little more will”, highlights Isabel |  The Voice of the Crowd

“A Santos with a little more will”, highlights Isabel | The Voice of the Crowd

Bad campaign away from home

– Our home campaign is in the top four or five, the defense is in the top two or three. João Paulo is a great goalkeeper, but against Fortaleza we controlled more and today the kicks came from outside. I felt the team fearful in Fortaleza, after difficulties in Paulistão, elimination in the Copa do Brasil and in the Sudamericana against a lesser team, even with the evolution of the Venezuelans. The defeat to Corinthians weighed too much. My job is to rescue that unity. I felt them retreated in Fortaleza, that’s not what I asked for. We want the three points, I want to encourage them and forget what happened. We can tinker with the present and the future.

– I ask the fans to do what they did today. It came to encourage the now and the future. We have team and group quality, we can attack as we did in the first half. In the second half we slowed down a bit, but it’s hard to press high all the time. We conceded atypical goals, it was not creation. Broken ball, he hit and Arias was smart on the second ball, in a space we left between defense and midfield. It wasn’t a worked ball, but a long ball that Fluminense hardly uses. We neutralized the Cano, it was isolated. I caught 12 games of Cano in Vasco, with one goal, it reminded me of Cano do Vasco. I detected spacing when I arrived, we were stealing the ball and it was disorganized. I’m working and we’re going to improve a lot. I hope to score away from home because we need that to be among the eight for Libertadores or pre-Libertadores. Our supremacy in America is big, so eight spots could appear again.

train the saints in Vila Belmiro for the first time

– It was very cool. Working at Santos is a privilege. I worked in great clubs, like Guarani. Training at the Golden Earring was special. Here the CT wall is full of idols. I managed to work in Vila on Saturday, we need to train here too. Santos only plays here practically. With the week open, we will be able to come here, with the references of the field, beams and signs. It’s a huge pleasure. I started in Beira-Rio in 1989 at areião no mirim. I worked hard to be here. At Vasco I was a little bold, here I am calmer. I came calm, mature, knowing the challenge. It’s a huge pleasure. Living in CT do Santos is wonderful, Santos has its own hotel. We concentrate at home, in rooms with ball shows, with physiotherapy, the field, swimming pool, our living room. Great expression clubs concentrate outside.

– I train on the under-20 and under-17 sides, I had my eye on three or four of the under-20s who will soon be with me. There are a lot of good players there and here. Ângelo, Marcos Leonardo, Lucas Barbosa, Rwan, Jair… It’s a kid. Jair is 17 years old and has a lot of quality, he reminded me a lot of Lúcio when he arrived in Beira-Rio. A bit clumsy, but with strength and grip. Jair has enormous potential, thin, long, fast. I’m dying to put him on, but everything has its time. Working here is a huge pleasure. With serenity and experience, I can make the most of it and grow more and more in my career. From here I can go abroad to earn a little dollar too. I want to stay at Santos until the end of 2023 and then explore the world. Santos will take me to this because it is a world club.

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