Maicon ‘sheriff’ and Marcos Leonardo ‘excellent’; see notes from Santos

In a good game at Vila Belmiro, Santos took the lead, took the turn in two minutes but went for a 2-2 draw against Fluminense, this second (1st), for the 20th round of the Brasileirão. Luiz Felipe and Marcos Leonardo, who avoided defeat at home, scored for Peixe. Ganso, from a penalty, and Arias scored the goals for the Flu. With the tie in the second match under Lisca’s command, Alvinegro remains in 9th place with 29 points.

At live from Santostransmitted by UOL Esporte after the Peixe games, journalists Rodolfo Rodrigues and Gabriela Brino praised the team’s performance against Flu. Brino praised the impact of Lisca’s arrival, which improved the defense and gave more intensity to the team, and the performances of Maicon and Marcos Leonardo. Rodrigues also highlighted the Santos striker: “He only had the chance to score and he responded again, he is having an excellent moment”.

Check out Santos’ notes

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Brino: he gave everything and a little more, he wasn’t to blame for the goals, in the second half he made two very good saves that saved Santos – grade 8.5.

Rodrigues: he did well, made good saves and was not to blame for the goals, a safe performance that helped hold Fluminense – grade 7.5.


Brino: fluctuated a lot, departure OK – note 6.

Rodrigues: it was a little above the last games – note 6.


Brino: he’s a great defender, he’s in charge back there, he took several balls – note 8.

Rodrigues: for Fluminense’s second goal, but passes security, Santos has a sheriff in the defense – grade 6.5.

Luiz Felipe

Brino: scored a goal with the back of his head – grade 7.5.

Rodrigues: for the goal – note 7.

Felipe Jonathan

Brino: fluctuated a lot, departure OK – note 6.

Rodrigues: had a ball recovery at the end of the game – grade 6.5.


Brino: he’s very excited, it wasn’t his best game – grade 4.5.

Rodrigues: he was in debt, he was not very well – note 5.

Rodrigo Fernandez

Brino: came in and changed the game, participated in the bid for the goal – grade 6.5.

Rodrigues: participated in the goal bid – grade 6.5.

Vinícius Zanocelo

Brino: it doesn’t mesh, it has potential, but it has been falling with each game, he made wrong decisions in the moments of more atmosphere of the game – note 4.

Rodrigues: I am in doubt about his positioning, if he is more first or second midfielder, and he is oscillating a lot, it didn’t go well today – note 5.


Brino: came in and changed the match, gave the pass to the goal – grade 6.5.

Rodrigues: participated directly in the equalizer – grade 6.5.

Carlos Sanchez

Brino: he has a lot of potential to start the team, he just can’t play the whole game, but tactically he’s very experienced, he helped a lot today – grade 6.5.

Rodrigues: he is a 37-year-old player, he was out of action for almost 10 months, he is coming back and recovering in the best form, but he helps a lot, has a lot of quality, passes, set pieces, appears well in the attack, good game – grade 6.5.


Brino: came in and ended the Santos game, the mood changed after the penalty – note 3.

Rodrigues: very juvenile in the penalty kick – note 4.

Lucas Barbosa

Brino: I liked it a lot, he pressed on the high mark, he had a lot of production and physically is very well, Lisca should keep him in the team – note 7.

Rodrigues: it went well – grade 6.5.

Lucas Braga

Brino: participated less today because the left side was less active, he had some wrong decisions, but he made a play that almost resulted in the 3-2 – grade 6.5.

Rodrigues: I really liked his movement in the first half, he hit 20 out of 23 passes, but fell in the second half – note 6.

Marcos Leonardo

Brino: the ball didn’t arrive that much, but the goal at the end was essential, the draw came from his foot, he has a lot of quality – grade 7.5.

Rodrigues: he didn’t create so many chances because he scored early and took a step back, the midfield didn’t create as many either, Marcos Leonardo practically only had the chance to score, he is corresponding in the Brasileirão, he is having an excellent moment for Santos – note 7.


Brino: climbed well and had merits – grade 7.5.

Rodrigues: Fluminense is 12 games without defeat, the best visitor in Brazil, and Santos had a great first half and in the second everything was going well after the carelessness of the penalty, the team had the strength to seek the tie and tied with one of the best team in Brazil – note 7.

The next edition of live from Santos will be on Monday (8), right after the match against Coritiba, for the Brasileirão. You can follow the live on the UOL Channel, in the Score app UOLon the Santos page on UOL Esporte or on the UOL Esporte channel on YouTube.

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