Michelle Rodriguez rips PRAISE FOR ‘Fast & Furious 10’ director: “We’re lucky to have him”

the franchise ‘Fast and furious’ is heading to its tenth chapter – and the recordings are in full swing.

However, the new feature will not bring Justin Lin in the driving seat, and yes Louis Letterrierknown for his work on ‘Master trick’. Now, in a recent interview with colliderthe actress Michelle Rodriguezwho reprises her role as Letty, tore praise for the filmmaker and raised our expectations for the film.

“He came with all this love energy”she commented. “We didn’t have that in ‘Fast and furious’ there had been quite a while, where someone excited and who was a real fan who wanted to take [o filme] to new places. We’ve been here for twenty years, man. After all this time, you get tired and forget why you’re doing it, until a director like Louis comes along and reminds you, ‘this is beautiful. Let’s do magic’. So we are lucky to have him.”

In a recent interview with ET, ludacris assured that the audience will be surprised by the next narrative:

“With every movie we make, I think, ‘How can we get over this? How can you get over something like going into space in a car?’ But there are some twists prepared. There are even more characters being introduced that will blow your mind… There are a lot of conclusions and fans will be very surprised.”

Asked how it felt to be part of such an enduring franchise, the interpreter of Tej Parker replied:

Enjoy watching:

“The Fast family is a real off-screen family and we are the luckiest cast in the world, believe me. In most movies out there, each actor follows suit after the cameras stop rolling. It’s different with us, our kids get to know each other and they’re like best friends… They’re like, ‘Oh, that’s uncle. come. oh this is uncle Tyrese. this is aunt Michelle‘. They really call them uncles… To be a part of this is the best thing in the world.”

Debut scheduled for May 2023the feature will also feature the return of Sung Kang, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson and Charlize Theron. Michael Rookerwho made a cameo in ‘fast and furious 9‘ will also return in the new film.

The production will also introduce Jason Momoa (‘Aquaman’), Brie Larson (‘Captain Marvel’), Daniela Melchior (‘The Suicide Squad’) and Alan Ritchson (‘Reacher’) and Rita Moreno (‘Amor, Sublime Amor’).

please note that Dwayne Johnson will NOT return after your fight with the Vin Dieselas well as director Justin Linwho left the production after conflicts with the actor.

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