Neil Gaiman says he would make a sequel to ‘Coraline’, but on one condition…

the legendary writer Neil Gaiman says he is not working on the long-awaited sequel to ‘Coraline and the Secret World‘ but said that will only happen when a story as good as the original comes along.

Remembering that the work even yielded a feature film in the stop motion style, which was also acclaimed by critics and audiences: “If I ever have an idea for a better Coraline story than CORALINE AND THE SECRET WORLD, then I will.”.

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The animated movie’Coraline and the Secret World‘ received an Oscar nomination for Best Animated Film, and was directed by Henry Selick. The cast brought Dakota Fanning (Flames of vengeance), Teri Hatcher (Tango and Cash), Ian McShane (John Wick), Keith David (Two Nice Guys) and others.

In the plot, we are introduced to Coraline, who feels bored in her new home, especially because of the behavior of her parents, who are always very busy. Suddenly, she finds a secret door that leads her to a different — and better — version of her life. This seemingly perfect world will turn out to be too dangerous, and Coraline will need to have the courage and wits to escape and save her family in the real world.

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