Outsourcing of labor: a trend in companies

Brazilian companies have, little by little, discovered the great benefits of outsourcing.

At first, when we talk about outsourcing, we imagine activities not so linked to the main operation of the company, that is, concierge, cleaning, security, etc.

But, little by little, companies are discovering that it is possible to outsource almost all processes.

And what does outsourcing of labor have to do with Accounting or with the financial area of ​​the company? Much more than you can imagine!

According to the IBGE – Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística, the area that employs the most in Brazil is Services, in addition, it also has the highest rate of formalization, with 73% of registered workers. This demonstrates the importance of this segment.

Accountants and Financial BPO Professionals are service providers, and therefore fall within the above data.

By the way, before continuing, let’s understand the difference between the two professions:

  • Accountant is responsible for dealing with the financial, economic, fiscal and patrimonial areas of companies or individuals. It consolidates the data to get results.
  • The Financial BPO Professional works with the part of finance and financial management. Its differential is being able to have a more general overview, where it identifies possible problems and envisions opportunities, always taking into account the financial reality of the company.

For this reason, those who work as a Financial BPO Professional do not necessarily need to have a degree in Accounting Sciences.

BPO, or Business Process Outsourcing, in the literal translation, Business Process Outsourcing, however, is not a consultancy or advisory. It is a partner company, which will be in charge of the financial routines and will bring more qualified knowledge, as well as technology and innovation in the area, to the contracting company.

The idea is the improvement that a company with more know-how can offer, in a more economical way for those who hire, since the Financial BPO can provide services to several people (PJ or PF) simultaneously.

The main idea of ​​a more specialized outsourcing, like Financial BPO, is to allow the company’s managers to get more involved with the core-business, or what the company actually does, and let the specialists complement that in other areas.

And how to become a professional in Financial BPO?

Believe me, this professional is being highly sought after and, consequently, very well paid for it.

More and more companies understand that having people who are extremely specialized in certain areas, acting as partners, is profitable for both.

If you want to work as a professional in Financial BPO, you need to know much more than the financial process itself. But there are several courses and training that teach and guide you in everything you need.

Eliandro Prado is a specialist in the area of ​​Financial BPO and CEO of OmegaPrice, he also teaches several courses aimed at professionals who already work or want to start working as a Professional in this field of Financial BPO.

“It is important to highlight that the accountant, for example, must face the fact of being a BPO as a new business, quite different from just providing accounting services. That’s why broader knowledge is so important,” he explains.

“Most entrepreneurs have difficulties in dealing with both the financial and fiscal part, as well as with the planning and financial strategies part”, this is because “the entrepreneur knows about the business, what he really does and that was the reason for which he opened your company”, he says.

It is what we mentioned above as core-business, the business – products or services – offered.

“This broader performance of professionals is a market trend and will not end in half a decade, on the contrary, it should keep growing, as specialization helps to improve the performance of organizations.”

Eliandro Prado has a company that provides financial BPO services and claims that the business is highly profitable.

“Accountants, seek specialization, have alternatives to offer your clients and add knowledge whenever possible. This is what will take you out of the common place and lead you to have much more success and achievements as a professional.”

Prado also highlights that acting as a Financial BPO Professional can be done from anywhere, since this specialist does not need to work in person.

A single company specializing in Financial BPO is capable of serving dozens of other companies, depending on the size and team involved.

On the 9th, 10th and 11th of August, Eliandro Prado will offer the Free Certification in Professional Financial BPO, a training with participation certification, free and online, where participants will be able to understand and learn what are the basic tools necessary to become a professional in the area, or even to add knowledge to those who are already working.

Entries can be made by the site.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be a more qualified professional with much more repertoire.

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