Paraná Clube cheerleader dies after being trampled by PM horse

The president of the Organizada Fúria Independente (TFI) fans, Mauro Machado Urbim, died on Monday night (1), in Curitiba. During the day, he was declared brain dead. According to reports, he was trampled by a Military Police horse on Saturday, in Vila Capanema, during a game between Paraná Clube against FC Cascavel, and was hospitalized at Hospital do Trabalhador.

The confirmation of Urbim’s death was made by TFI, on its official profile on social networks. “With deep sadness, we inform you that our President, Mauro Machado Urbim, could not bear the injuries suffered last Saturday and died on the night of this Monday (01/08), a few minutes ago. He left behind a son, father, mother, brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts, friends and a dream,” the note reads.

On social media, friends, fans and Paraná Clube itself posted messages of condolence.

In contact by telephone with Bem Paraná, delegate Luiz Carlos de Oliveira, from Demafe (Mobile Police Service for Football and Events), explained the situation of brain death. “We received from a fan, the vice of Fury, the information that brain death was confirmed. They will do one more exam this afternoon and another at night to confirm. When brain death is confirmed, it is because the situation is very difficult”, he declared, regretting what happened. “Mauro participates with us a lot, he was always extremely representative and a friend of the police”, he said.

About the episode on Saturday, Oliveira said that he watched the game in the visiting sector of Vila Capanema. “I got the news on Saturday, well after the game. It was at halftime, we were in the opposing crowd, we watched the game from there in about five police officers and there was nothing there. FC Cascavel fans say there was nothing, I don’t know what happened,” he commented. “They said there was fake news that the people from Império, who are allied with the FC Cascavel fans, wanted to steal a banner. They [torcedores da Fúria Independente] came and the cavalry interfered. The Fury president was at the front, with his hand raised, and ended up hitting the curb, fell and the horse stomped on his head. I will listen to the witnesses, so that we know what really happened,” he warned.

In a text on Facebook this Monday, Fúria Independente again accuses the Mounted Police Regiment of the Military Police of Paraná of ​​acting in a truculent and cowardly way. “The result of a brutal behavior on the part of the Military Police of the State of Paraná, Maurinho had his life taken in a cowardly and barbaric way. By trampling on our president, the Mounted Police Regiment interrupted not only the life of a human being, but also the very beautiful work that was being carried out in our entity”, said the crowd. “Maurinho was a great man, leader and friend. Beloved by all, he left us the mission to continue his endeavor, after all, as he continued to propagate: THE FIGHT DOESN’T STOP! Our fight, today, has gained some more goals: Fight for JUSTICE for Mauro’s murder, for the criminal’s arrest and for major changes in the conduct of the Military Police of the State of Paraná. PMPR’s motto, “Your Protection is Our Commitment”, is EXTREMELY VAGUE when a homicide is carried out by a member of the corporation. It is past time for the Military Police to institute a battalion specialized in football, as is the case in other states such as Rio de Janeiro, with law enforcement officers trained to deal with fans, and who understand and know all the dynamics and leadership of the fans. organized”.

The Fury even summoned fans to a protest. “We have a big request for fans of Paraná who attend CURVA NORTE: against the already known MAR BRANCO, in this next home game against Pouso Alegre, we will all go in BLACK. EVERYONE IN BLACK AS A PROTEST AND FIGHT FOR OUR BELOVED PRESIDENT! Mauro’s wish was always for the party to prevail and for the stands to vibrate as never before. He was constantly at the head of our organization, pulling and encouraging everyone to sing songs for our Tricolor. In this match we will do everything for him. We will sing louder honoring his memory. We won’t shut up for a minute if you want. Maurinho deserves it. Because, in the same way that his heart was donated and will continue to beat for a long time, his desire will continue to be followed and we will support PARANÁ CLUBE until the last minute of our lives”.

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