PM says he acted after a dragnet in São Vicente and apprehended teenager with stolen cell phone; VIDEO

One of the cell phones stolen in a trawler on the edge of Praia do Gonzaguinha, in São Vicente, on Saturday night (30), was recovered by the Military Police (PM) during patrolling. According to the corporation, he was with a teenager who was apprehended, but was not recognized as one of the thieves. Therefore, he was charged with receiving an infraction.

The agents were called around 10 pm to attend to the theft on Avenida Getúlio Vargas. At the scene, a large concentration of people was found in Praça Tom Jobim and on the sand strip, and that the offenders took advantage of the crowd to start the robberies.

According to the PM, during the patrol, a teenager was seized with the cell phone of one of the victims of the thieves. He was taken to the Headquarters Police Station. The device was returned to the victim.

The corporation asks residents to anonymously report the perpetrators of the crime if they have information, either by calling 181 (Dial Denúncia) or 190.

remember the case

Images obtained by The Tribune show a group of robbers taking advantage of the moment when the traffic light was closed to rob people who were in the vehicles.

Then one of the thieves flees to the strip of sand. The action was filmed by residents of the surrounding buildings.

According to the São Paulo Public Security Secretariat (SSP-SP), at least two reports of robbery were registered, one by a 62-year-old man, and the other by a 67-year-old woman.

They were walking when they were approached by about five suspects, one of whom was armed. They took jewelry, cards and other belongings.

Management emphasizes that it was not notified of any event at Praia da Biquinha, which did not allow for early mobilization of the GCM.

The statement of ignorance of the event which took place on the beach was reinforced by the Military Police. “It is noteworthy that the event held was not known to the Public Power, and that the lack of organization contributed to the negative result, allowing criminals to take advantage of anonymity in the midst of agglomeration”, said the corporation in a note.

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