Rafa Kalimann is nicknamed ‘miss sympathy’ behind the scenes at Globo

Rafa Kalimann became the person everyone wants around in the corridors of TV Globo and, with that, he earned the nickname “miss sympathy”.

The former BBB, since recording participation in the series “Rensga Hits!”, which premieres this week on Globoplay, has built friendships with a good part of the cast, including Alice Wegmann, Deborah Secco and Fabiana Karla. She became a “darling” and, as a result, invited to birthday parties, dinners and other events. It became common to hear from the mouths of these actresses the phrase: “You need to meet Rafa, you’ll love it”.

To repay the friendship, the influencer invited the entire cast and production to attend the premiere of “Rensga Hits!” at her house in Rio tomorrow. On social media, she said that she hired a popcorn maker and a beer bar so that her guests get in the mood. Rafa even joked asking for sponsorship from Globoplay for the party.

The column found that all the sympathy for Rafa Kalimann is also given by the professional paths that the influencer has been following. Her career is managed by Mario Canivelo, a well-respected businessman in the art market. He has worked with names like Chico Buarque, Alice Braga and Cauã Reymond.

Rafa’s debut in ‘Renga Hits!’

Despite the expectations of fans with the debut of the ex-BBB in dramaturgy, this column of splash already advanced: it won’t be anything too big, just a quick presence. It is still not a very important role.

The former BBB was called because she is already part of the country side, the central theme of the plot. She will play a presenter of one of the events of the series. Her character will understand everything about the world of the countryman and will have a strong presence on social networks, a kind of “sertanejo influencer”, showing all the backstage of the event.

Column sources say that Rafa drew attention in the recordings, especially for his discipline. She was praised on set for her direction.

“It was an opportunity that came from Deborah Secco. We met and she told me that she was in ‘Renga Hits’ and that I needed to be too. Globoplay loved it because they already wanted me to have experience in acting, and it was amazing. It was like an intensive course and a privilege”, said the influencer in a recent conversation with the column.

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