Russia asks UN to investigate death of 53 Ukrainian prisoners in Dontesk

Moscow and Kiev exchange bombing accusations; according to the Putin government, the presence of impartial observers could shed light on the issue

Russia Investigative Committee/AFP – 07/29/2022Destroyed detention center in Olenivka settlement
Photo released by Russia’s Investigative Committee shows what is said to be the destroyed detention center

THE Russia announced this Sunday, 31, that it has sent an invitation to the United Nations (UN) and the Red Cross to investigate the bombing of a prison in the town of Oleniva, in Dontesk, which resulted in the death of 53 Ukrainian prisoners. The Russian and Ukrainian governments exchange accusations about the responsibility for the attack, which took place last Wednesday, 28. According to the government of Vladimir PutinKiev attacked the site with an artillery system given by the USA. The intention, say the Russians, was to create a “false flag”, a type of operation in which they seek to accuse the enemy to take advantage. The Ukrainians deny it and claim that the enemy country is trying to cover up the torture and executions carried out in prison. the region of Dontesk it is now controlled by pro-Russian separatists. The Russian government claims that the presence of impartial observers will shed some light on the matter.

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