Samsung 990 PRO SSD, the company’s first PCIe5 model, appears in a leak

The company’s new storage solution is already undergoing regulatory processes in Korea

While Samsung has not yet presented to the public all the details of its line of SSDS 990 Prolooks like this should happen in a matter of time. The company has already started filling out regulatory documentation necessary to make the devices debut in the South Korean market.

The manufacturer’s first model in the PCI-Express Gen 5 standard, the 990 PRO should differentiate itself from other options on the market by bringing components manufactured entirely by a single company. This means that Samsung should be responsible for providing the controllers, NAND flash and DRAM cache for the storage solutions.

In theory, this should allow the company to ensure optimal functioning of all SSD parts and offer performances above those seen by competitors. So far, the records indicate that the line should have models with 1 TB and 2 TB of total storage, whose prices have not yet been announced.

Samsung already offers models for servers

Samsung’s new products must be known by the codes “MZ-V9P1T0” and “MZ-V9P2T0” and will be the first commercial PCIe5 models offered by the manufacturer. Currently it already works with the technology in the server market with the model “PM1743”, which offers speeds of random reads up to 13 GB/S and maximum capacity of up to 15.76 TB.

The expectation is that the complete 990 PRO line will offer models with up to 8TB of storage and speeds up to 14GB/s. The expectation for the launch is high both due to the fact that it will compete directly with the new controllers of Phison and gives Silicon Motionas well as the good history of the 980 Pro line, which should be replaced by the new options.

During the official announcement of the products, chances are good that Samsung will also show the world a new cooling solution capable of dealing with the great heat that must be generated by the components. The line is expected to make its debut by the end of 2022. or, at the latest, during the CES 2023 edition.


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