‘Santos was very poorly trained’

Santos has already shown signs of improvement in the second game under the command of coach Lisca. In this second (1st), in a very busy game for the 20th round of the Brasileirão, Peixe dominated the first half and started in front, took the turn in two minutes in the final stage, but had the strength to seek a 2-2 tie against the Fluminense in Vila Belmiro. Luiz Felipe and Marcos Leonardo scored for Alvinegro; Ganso and Arias scored the goals for Flu.

At live from Santostransmitted by UOL Esporte after the Peixe games, journalists Rodolfo Rodrigues and Gabriela Brino praised the impact of the new coach’s arrival. According to Brino, Lisca has already managed to give the players an injection of spirit and improve the team’s defensive performance, in addition to having climbed well and hit the changes. She also stated that the team showed today that it was poorly trained by its predecessor, Fabián Bustos.

“It was a very busy and beautiful game to watch. Santos’ first half drew attention, very organized, with good marking, it was clear that Santos was really badly trained. It’s a draw to be valued.”

“The first half, Santos was much better, safer, had more control, just needed to finish more in the goal. In the second, Flu came back better, Ganso ended the psychological of the stands with the goal, but the beginning of the game was incredible , the energy was very good, the Vila was different, supporting a lot, and the team felt that energy”, analyzed Brino, directly from Vila Belmiro.

She highlighted Lisca’s ability to stir the spirits of the Santos squad. For Brino, the coach’s arrival brought a “footprint” that the team was missing.

“Lisca had a very good first game here in Vila, he was very attentive on the edge of the field. He came to drive Vila Belmiro crazy, Santos needed more courage, the team needed this guy who takes the hand, who is more daddy , and Lisca has that profile. Santos needed a coach to shake up the squad, and Lisca showed that since he arrived.”

‘Good bet’

Rodrigues also underlined the change in the team’s posture with the new coach. “Lisca gave that atmosphere of his, Bustos was not pleasing anyone, and Lisca managed to climb the team well.”

“Lisca was right to put Sánchez in, who went very well, when he left the thing got worse for Santos, Sandry really didn’t start well, but Sánchez was already out of rhythm. The other changes were good, Ângelo came in and assisted Marcos Leonardo’s goal”, observed the columnist for UOL.

According to Rodrigues, hiring Lisca was a good bet for the board. “Santos needed this, this more motivational coach. It’s worth the bet, Santos is in a position to get a good classification in the Brasileirão and then shake it up for 2023.”

The next edition of live from Santos will be on Monday (8), right after the match against Coritiba, for the Brasileirão. You can follow the live on the UOL Channel, in the Score app UOLon the Santos page on UOL Esporte or on the UOL Esporte channel on YouTube.

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