Sonia Abrão’s cell phone returns to play live and baffles presenter

Sonia Abrão’s cell phone played live again at A Tarde É Sua this Tuesday (2). The device caught the attention of everyone on the RedeTV afternoon stand! while the presenter called columnist Alessandro Lo-Bianco for a live entry. When she heard the noise, the show’s owner immediately turned off the device and apologized, visibly disconcerted.

“Help. Sorry, director, sorry”, she asked Elias Abram, her brother and also the attraction’s commander. Sonia didn’t get to say if it was an alarm, sort of an alarm clock, or if someone was calling and trying to reach her.

The columnists relaxed and suggested that it was Boninho on the line, but the presenter just laughed and went on normally with the next agenda, which was related to Ivete’s Pipoca.

Sonia Abram’s cell phone had already played live in April

Montage of two photos of Sonia Abrão speaking on the set of A Tarde É Sua, with her hair down and a printed blouse

In April of that year, an unsuspecting person called Sonia Abrão precisely at a time when the presenter was already live with her A Tarde É Sua, on RedeTV!. The afternoon’s holder was commenting on what happened on BBB 22’s 101 program when she was taken by surprise with her cell phone ringing. “Sorry, now I’m going to be fired”, said the presenter, listening to the standard tune of the telephone set.

“Sorry, director,” the veteran asked Elias Abrão, who is also her brother. The situation caused Thiago Rocha and Vladimir Alves, Sonia’s bench colleagues, to laugh, but she quickly refused the call and returned to the subject she was talking about.

The main agenda of A Tarde É Sua that day was the discomfort of Arthur Aguiar in the reunion with the participants of BBB 22 in a last visit to the house of the reality TV Globo. At the time, Maíra Cardi’s husband chose not to have much contact with the ex-brothers and said he didn’t want a pat on the back from any of them.

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