The Earth is spinning faster and faster. And that’s not a good thing

July 29 was the shortest on record (Getty Image)

July 29 was the shortest on record (Getty Image)

  • The UK National Physical Laboratory identified the change

  • The Earth took 1.59 milliseconds less to complete one day’s rotation

  • Changes in the way the planet rotates worry scientists and scholars

You may not feel it, but the Earth is spinning right now. And the speed is faster than before. Measurements carried out by the UK’s National Physical Laboratory point to this difference. We may not realize it, but the days get shorter.

In this analysis, June 29 this year was the shortest on record. On the date, the Earth took 1.59 milliseconds less than 24 hours to complete the rotation movement, when it rotates around its axis from west to east.

The Space website says that Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), known as the official international timekeeping method, is based on atomic clocks. They measure the passage of time through the movement of electrons in atoms that have been cooled. These watches are accurate and unvarying, which brings greater reliability.

One of the problems is that if the rate of speed of Earth’s rotation continues to increase, it may be necessary to take a second off the atomic clocks. This could directly affect the planet’s Information Technology (IT) systems.

There are still activists who say this change could change the way the environment behaves and contribute to global warming in the long run, resulting in more damage.

It is necessary to think of alternatives in case the rotation continues to increase. In this case, the impression that the days are passing faster may no longer be a nostalgic meta-feeling.

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