The goal is to advance in the World Cups but the low score in the Brazilian is worrying!

The reserve team proposed by Rogério Ceni in the match against Athletico-PR was the clear proof that, at this moment, the club is totally focused on the Cups in which it participates.

The Copa do Brasil, a tournament with an unprecedented title for the club, and the Sudamericana, a competition to be played this coming Wednesday, if not tournaments that, in addition to giving the club the possibility of a title this year, are great sources of financial income with prizes at each stage advance.

The problem is that Ceni knows that São Paulo got through the first round with far fewer points than its coaching staff had planned. Facing knockout games with low scores in a championship as balanced and disputed as the Brazilian is something that no coach would like to have.

To have a clearer idea of ​​the difficulty, the next Tricolor games will involve clashes with the full squad of Flamengo, the always tough Bragantino with a championship just to play and the classic against Santos, in Vila Belmiro. All mixed up with the clashes against Ceará and America.

In spite of favoring the club’s decision, two of the next three games in the Brazilian if not in Morumbi and the classic will be in Santos, therefore with low distances to cover.

This is a period when any decision will promote discussion among fans. Some defend the focus on the cups and others the improvement in the Brazilian table. There is no right or wrong, but options to be chosen and fulfilled.

Wednesday’s game will say a lot about the Tricolor planning for this period of the season. With the help of their fans once again filling Morumbi, São Paulo will play all their chips for a good result against cearences. Both teams come from bad results at the beginning of the Brasileirão return and should use Sula as the closest path to a title in the year.

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