Video captures dramatic moment in which dog quickly intervenes to save dog from fatal eagle attack; watch – Metro World News Brazil

A video has captured the dramatic moment when a dog quickly intervenes to save a ‘friend dog’ from a possible fatal eagle attack.

The unbelievable moment ended up going viral on social media recently, as detailed by Newsweek.

Video captures dramatic moment when dog quickly intervenes to save dog from fatal eagle attack

In the shocking record, shared on the TikTok platform, it is possible to see that the animal grabs the dog by the throat, in a predatory way.

However, the little dog is quickly helped by his companion, which allowed him to escape and a foul attack.

Captured in Alaska, United States, the eagle did not fly immediately after the attack was stopped, and can be seen glaring menacingly. Check record:

VIDEO: Eagle grabs little Yorkie in backyard, but prey manages to free itself on takeoff

In another stunning attack, a shocking video captured the exact moment an eagle enters a home’s yard, grabs a small 8-month-old puppy and flies away.

A few seconds after disappearing, the frightened animal reappears and quickly runs into the house.

The images were captured by the security camera of a house in Prince Rupert, Canada, on June 19, as detailed by the website Clarín.

Also according to the information, the animal managed to escape the bird and only suffered injuries to the belly. Check record:

With information from Newsweek

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