VIDEO: Mason Glove shows new reality in mansion during chat with LANCE!

After weeks of chaos engulfing legal fights between his former manager, Allan Jesus, and his current team, led by FalcãoGlova de Pedreiro opened the doors of his house to the THROW! to show how the biggest sports influencer in Brazil lives today.

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Mason's Glove

Luva shows the view from her bedroom balcony (Photo: Ricardo Guimarães/Lance!)

Hearing “Iran Ferreira”, the concierge took a while to identify the resident. “It’s at Luva de Pedreiro’s house”, replied a security guard, who quickly got in touch with the residence. The condominium located in the Paiva neighborhood, in Cabo de Santo Agostinho, in Greater Recife, is a dream for those looking to live in nature with the comfort that money can provide.

The residence has four bedrooms, all on the second floor. The influencer’s bedroom faces the sea and also has a hot tub. It is possible to park 10 cars in front of the 890 square meter residence, which has a swimming pool, jacuzzi and a large leisure area. The market value is between R$6 and 8 million.

Despite so much luxury, Luva admits that he misses the simplicity of life in Quijingue, in the interior of Bahia.

– It’s different, right? But I like my place (Quijingue), to be honest. Here (Recife) it’s just for work. There I was born, there are my friends. I played ball since I was little. My place is there. The things I do (here) are to help them. I’ll make it, God willing,” he said.

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Mason's Glove House

Entrance to Iran’s house has space for 10 cars (Photo: Ricardo Guimarães/Lance)

The empty streets of the condominium give way to the noise of the armed security motorcycles that patrol the internal streets and of professionals who did the preservation work, pruning trees and cleaning. Most of the houses did not show any movement, except for Cara da Luva de Pedreiro.

Mason's Glove House

Residential is well wooded and has armed security (Photo: Ricardo Guimarães/LANCE)

The influencer’s house was already filled with people in the morning. The only time off after a business trip to São Paulo and another to Europe scheduled for the next day it was also the day to record content for the next few weeks.

mason's glove

Glove de Pedreiro and his parents, in Recife (Photo: Ricardo Guimarães/Lance)

Seu Vadinho, Iran’s father, didn’t take long to talk about his love for Vasco. The theme is the favorite of the man who said that, in his youth, he played for a team in his city called Vasco, in a kind of Brazilian Quinjingue Championship.

In the dispute, Seu Vadinho’s team faced teams like Vitória, Flamengo, Corinthians, among others. Luva recalled the connection with the most loved sport in Brazil.

– I watched the games on television. Since little. We are very addicted to football. I started to like Vasco because of ‘painho’. He played championship. I was a player too. I’m a crack, I have faith. I would give myself a thousand, I’m the best in the world – said Iran.

mason's glove

The house has a leisure area with a football table and a swimming pool (Photo: Ricardo Guimarães/Lance)

About the dream of being a professional player, Iran did not hide that he still thought about it after fame, but he gave up on the idea because he saw the proposals as an “illusion”.

– Up until a couple of months ago, I wanted to be a football player. But now I’m going to make a video. Proposal I received about three. Proposals (which looked) good. But it was just an illusion. I’d rather stay in the video now,” she said.

During the meeting, Luva opened the doors of her house to show, on video, each room in the place. The content will be available on the website of the THROW! in the next days.

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