Woman buys bag of popcorn, finds snake living inside package

Store manager said he does not know where the animal came from and stated that an investigation is being carried out.

Playback/site/channelWTVRsnake in the popcorn
Black snake was inside a bag of popcorn at a market in the United States

An American, identified as Kimberly Slaughter, was surprised when she was shopping at a market in Lunenburg County, Virginia (USA). she found a snake inside the popcorn bag. In an interview with the WTVR channel, she reported that at the time of purchase she took the first bag that was available, however, she noticed that it had mouse droppings and returned it to the place. Afterwards, she took another package and noticed that it had a hole. At the same moment she took it and took it to the cashier. “I put the bag in my basket to deliver to the cashier, since they can’t sell the food like that and that thing appeared”, said Slaughter, informing that the animal left and returned to the bag of popcorn as if it were living in a “property of Lux”. The case took place at the Shoppers Value supermarket in Kenbridge.

To the press, she made available the images of the animal coming out of the package. In response to the woman, an employee said that such a thing never happened. Slaughter stated that he intends to trigger the health surveillance, but stressed that he does not want the store to be closed because it is one of the few markets in the region. The WTVR channel contacted the store’s manager, Brian Stanley, and he confirmed the information provided by Slaughter, but said he had no idea where the snake came from. He informed that an investigation was opened to analyze the case “We are following all health surveillance protocols”.

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