Xiaomi launches smart glasses with 50 MP camera and 15x zoom

This Monday (01) the Xiaomi announced its augmented reality glasses. I’m talking about Mijia Glasses Camera. The glasses have very interesting features, such as processor Snapdragon, 50 megapixel camera, 15x digital zoom and OLED display. For now in pre-sale only in China, the suggested price of the gadget is $370 (about R$ 1924 in direct conversion).

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Refurbished and robust design

It is worth remembering that in 2021 Xiaomi presented a concept of augmented reality glasses. Interestingly, the glasses announced yesterday do not look anything like the images released last year.

Mijia Glasses Camera

The optical viewfinder is on the left side of the wearer. And the camera module is on the right side. It is worth noting that the optical viewfinder is the component that will display the images in augmented reality. In the camera module, we also find all the rest of the hardware that makes the Mijia Glasses Camera work.

All this leaves the much more robust device compared to other augmented reality glasses. And that’s good, since the durability and lifespan increase together. On the other hand, it must be a little uncomfortable to use the gadget for long periods. If an ordinary glasses is already a bag, imagine an augmented reality glasses. In this case, it is worth remembering that the Meta launched an eyewear in partnership with Ray-Ban. This model seems to be much more discreet.

Not to mention the privacy issue, right? After all, we will have cameras recording everything we see. And worse: the images are constantly analyzed. Who guarantees that Xiaomi will not make a huge database to know its users even more deeply? It’s a point to think about, at least.

Technical sheet and “quick coupler”

Mijia Glasses Camera

Now let’s talk a little bit about the hardware of the Mijia Glasses Camera. He has one processor with eight processing cores. The chip is based on the Snapdragon 8. In addition, the glasses have 3 GB of RAM memory and 32 GB of storage. THE battery has 1020 mAh capacity and supports 10-watt wireless charging.

The small OLED display made by Sony have a 3000 nits maximum brightnessone 3281 ppi pixel density and TUV Rheiland certification. This certification guarantees that the Mijia Glasses Camera lenses block blue light, which is harmful to our eyes.

And speaking of lenses, Xiaomi’s augmented reality glasses have a very interesting feature. He has a “quick coupler” for attaching other lenses. Thus, users with vision problems, such as myopia or astigmatism, can use the gadget without losing the benefits of prescription lenses.

Cameras and Functions

Mijia Glasses Camera

The Mijia Glasses Camera has two cameras. The main one has 50 megapixels and the secondary has 8 megapixels. The secondary camera uses a telephoto lens and therefore manages to give a up to 5x optical zoom. The digital zoom, in turn, goes up to 15x. According to Xiaomi, the 32 GB of storage is capable of storing up to 100 minutes of footage.

Among the augmented reality functions, Mijia Glasses Camera has real-time language translation and image recognition. In terms of connectivity, the glasses have Dual Band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0. Not to mention there is native support for the XiaoAI virtual assistant.

When and how much?

Mijia Glasses Camera eyewear is on pre-sale in China by a system of crowdfunding. O MSRP is $370. However, after the pre-sale period has passed and the glasses begin to be produced in large quantities, the price will rise to US$ 400 (about R$ 2,090 in direct conversion).

Unfortunately, Xiaomi has not said anything about selling in other countries.

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