Young woman goes viral by saying she has never kissed her boyfriend in 2 years of relationship

A couple caught attention on TikTok by revealing that they still haven’t kissed after two years of relationship. Kaytlin O’Neall, a 22-year-old American, said she chose to wait until marriage for that to happen, she said on social media.

Kaytlin said this had already been decided by both parties before she and Drew started dating.

According to The Sun, they had a conversation about their own beliefs and convictions about relationships, in which they wanted to wait until marriage to kiss. “Ultimately, I ended up not wanting to kiss because I wanted to save that for my future husband.”

In addition to kissing, sex will also have to wait for religious reasons. “I look at the kiss and I always see it as a very intimate thing and for me it felt like it wasn’t something I had to wait for, but it was something I wanted.”

She said she decided to show the story so that other people can see that it is possible to do things differently. “You don’t have to have a relationship with the standards of what the world says your relationship should be and it can still be a happy, balanced, thriving relationship.”

In the comments of the TikTok post, some people questioned the relationship, labeling them as just friends, while other users supported the decision. “Kissing is no big deal,” said one follower.

Kayltin also stated that, before the relationship, they were already best friends. “We were best friends and then we fell in love.”

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