007-starred movie opens in theaters this Thursday

Known for her work as Camille Montes, the bond girl from 007 – Quantum of Solace, Olga Kurylenko arrives in theaters this Thursday (04) as the protagonist of the French thriller and crime drama film, missing.

The actress, who has also starred in productions such as Black Widow, Oblivion and hitman, opposite in the feature with the South Korean star Yoo Yeon-Seok, from oldboy and the werewolf boyand the Indian Anupam Tripathi, better known as Abdul Ali, from the Netflix series, Round 6.

The film follows French forensic expert Alice Launey (Kurylenko), who goes to South Korea to attend a conference and ends up getting involved in a dangerous case of organ trafficking, investigated by detective Jin Ho (Yeon-Seok).

Scene from Disappeared (Disclosure)

Creator of a revolutionary technique in the field of restoration of damaged corpses, the forensic scientist is asked by the Seoul police to perform the autopsy on a corpse found in a river, which leads the detective to discover the involvement of a drug trafficking syndicate. organs.

The case ends up opening an old wound in Launey, who thought he had already managed to overcome dark facts from his past, but finds himself having to face his greatest fears, as he tries to help Ho find and arrest those responsible for the terrible crimes.

In the trailer you can get an idea of ​​what to expect from the film, which It has a lot of action scenes, but some very dramatic momentssuch as the emotional involvement of the protagonists, who seem to get closer during the investigations.

The preview also anticipates the climax of the plot’s drama, with the kidnapping and possible murder of a child linked to the detective, who may become the next victim of the criminal faction responsible for the crimes of organ trafficking.

adapted from the novel The Killing Roomwritten by Peter May, the feature is directed by Denis Dercourt (Next to the Pianist), who wrote the screenplay with the author of the book that inspired him and Marion Doussot, and the production is in charge of Alexis Dantec, Yoon-Seok Nam.

In addition to Kurylenko, Yeon-Seok and Tripathi, the cast includes: Ji-won Ye, Moo-Seong Choi, Mi-won Won, Seung-Jun Lee, Woo-Hyung Kim, Soo-Ha Kim, Su-Young Park.

Watch the trailer for Disappeared:

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