4 Awesome Windows 10 Features You Should Know and Use Now

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O Windows 10 has been on the market for a long time, so much so that it is already starting to be replaced by version 11. However, even with billions of users and a long time present on the internet users’ machine, the operating system has some hidden resources that not everyone knows. Through them, it is possible to increase productivity, create content and make the environment more friendly.

See below for some of the best features of Windows 10.

One of the best hidden features of Windows 10 is the focus assistant

This one isn’t even that hidden, but many people end up letting it go. However, Focus Assist can help you focus a lot as it removes pop-up notifications in the corner of the screen. In addition, it is possible to customize it according to the times you want to keep it activated.

To use the service, just click on the Action Center icon (usually in the lower right corner of the taskbar) and click on “Focus Assistant”.

Night light

Few know, but the blue light transmitted by your computer screen can disrupt your sleep and cause a lot of eye strain. Fortunately, in Windows 10 there is an option to activate the “Night Light” mode, which makes the screen appear warmer.

To activate it, go to the Action Center, click on the “Night Light” button and enjoy the change. In addition, the process can be done through the system settings, in the “Screen” part. There, it is also possible to change the intensity of the red light that will be transmitted.

One of the best features of Windows 10 is screen recording with Xbox Game Bar

The Xbox Game Bar is a tool that can be very useful, even for those who don’t play video games. Through it, Windows users can record your screens in an uncomplicated way, just pressing the shortcut Windows+G. Then, just click on the “Capture” icon and start recording.

Multiple workspaces

If you work with multiple programs open and your screen is a mess, the Windows 10 virtual desktop will come in handy.

To activate the feature, just press the keys Windows+Tab and in the upper left corner select the option to create a new workspace. Ready! Now you will have a clean window, with no programs open, while the previous desktop will remain active.

To switch between them, just repeat the keyboard command and click on the desktop you want to open.

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