5 films with an impeccable soundtrack for you to discover (or revisit)

Each of our favorite movies has a series of elements that are responsible for captivating our taste. It could have been the photography, that perfect scene, that remarkable dialogue or even the nostalgia we have for the specific time we watched it. But let’s talk about one thing in particular: the soundtrack.

Whether instrumental or sung, the soundtrack is one of the most important elements of an audiovisual production, responsible for building that mood (or mood!) in the scenes, and renting our heart, imagination, memories (and even our playlists) for a long time. long time.

On today’s list we have 5 movies with delicious soundtracks – that are very much worth listening to, or remembering.

Begin Again (Even If Nothing Goes Right, 2013)

Prime Video (credit/playback)

In this delicious film that is divided between comedy and romance, the soundtrack is a full plate. With songs sung by Adam Levine, Keira Knightley and Cee Loo Green, the track has songs produced even by Rick Nowels, responsible for some of Lana Del Rey’s greatest songs!

Begin Again tells the story of musicians, so even though it’s not necessarily a musical film, it has music as a central element of the narrative and the score is super engaging and addictive!

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The Great Gatsby (The Great Gatsby, 2013)

HBO Max (credit/play)

Baz Luhrmann is a visionary and brilliant director. Almost literally. His films are true visual delights, with unexpected and incredible soundtracks. The Great Gatsby is an example of this.

Responsible for “Young And Beautiful”, one of Lana Del Rey’s biggest hits, Baz even managed to put on this track an original song by Sia, Florence and The Machine, a new version of “Crazy in Love”, by Beyoncé, and even brought the singer with a reinterpretation of “Back to Black”, a classic by Amy Winehouse. The XX, Gotye, Jack White and Fergie are just a few more examples found in this mix – which worked very well!

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Elvis (2022)

Sony Pictures (credit/playback)

Yet another film directed by Baz, this most recent example is also interesting to say the least and deserved to be on our list. Being a movie about Elvis Presley, the great rock star, it was to be expected a movie filled with classics, right? Yes, but escaping the obvious, Baz Luhrmann went further and brought acclaimed artists in current music, singing some of these classics in delicious new guises.

The versions in the film contrast between the classics in the voice of Elvis (and Austin Butler, who plays him in the film), and the modern versions. The combination surprises and pleases.

Featuring Kacey Musgraves, a new Doja Cat (which samples Elvis’ “Hound Dog”), Diplo, Swae Lee and even Stevie Nicks!

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A Star Is Born (A Star Is Born, 2018)

HBO Max (credit/play)

That one is probably still in your head. Even if you haven’t seen it, this movie gave us one of our generation’s instant classics: “Shallow”. Practically the film’s theme song, the song took the Oscars to Lady Gaga’s bookshelf, yes, but there are still plenty of gems among the film’s tracks.

Between pop-sounding songs, strolling through Country, Folk and Rock, the track has Gaga’s composition, production and vocals on almost every track, and also features Bradley Cooper’s debut vocals. The amazing “Always Remember Us This Way”, “Look What I Found” and “Diggin’ My Grave” deserve your play!

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White Chicks (White Chicks, 2004)

Prime Video (credit/playback)

Okay, okay. Maybe you’re not taking this indication seriously, but calm down. we know that “The Whites” it is an inexplicable phenomenon until today, being even a much bigger film in Brazil than in the USA, reference of memes, quotes and pearls of humor that advances through the generations. But have you noticed the soundtrack?

Classics like “U Can’t Touch This”, “Crazy In Love”, by Beyoncé and “It’s My Life”, by No Doubt were already known by the popular imagination and occupy the list of songs of the film, but there’s more! Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles” became immortal with this film, and other songs like P!nk’s “Trouble” and Maroon 5’s “This Love” were resounding successes. The track also features songs by Britney Spears and Black Eyed Peas. Well, it’s classic and no wonder…

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Did you like our list? Keep an eye out for more next week!

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