5 Movies like Extraordinary to Watch and Cry

Extraordinary, one of the most exciting films of recent years, has just arrived on Netflix. The feature, starring Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson and Jacob Tremblay, tells the story of overcoming a family with a different son.

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Named Auggie, the child now has to face school for the first time and will count on the help of his parents in this mission. Extraordinary is a film that talks about overcoming, bringing a story that promises to touch the hearts of even the least sensitive.

if you watched Extraordinary and likes this theme, the Canaltech prepared a list of 5 films similar to the feature, which bring exciting stories of overcoming, for you to marathon in streaming. Check out the full list below.

5. Untouchables


In the movie untouchables, you will be moved by the story of a quadriplegic millionaire who hired an inexperienced man to help him in his daily life. Gradually, the professional relationship becomes an intense and unforgettable friendship.

untouchables can be watched on Globoplay/Telecine.

4. Captain Fantastic


Captain Fantastic is a comedy-drama starring Viggo Mortensen that follows the life of Ben and his six children. The family lives far from civilization, in a forest, with a different routine. The children, however, want more than that for their lives and decide to leave, frustrating the patriarch.

you can watch the movie Captain Fantastic on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Globoplay/Telecine.

3. Whiplash


The film whiplash brings a lot of intensity to tell the story of Andrew (Miles Teller Jr.), a young man who dreams of being the best drummer in the world. This desire then becomes an obsession when he begins to be trained by Terence Fletcher (JK Simmons), who pressures him to the point of jeopardizing his physical and mental health.

whiplash is available on Star+.

2. Jack’s Room


Probably the saddest movie on the list, Jack’s Room tells the story of a young woman and her son who have been living in captivity since she was kidnapped. When the child turns five, the mother implements her escape plan so that the child can see the real world for the first time and have a normal life.

Jack’s Room can be watched on Star+ and Amazon Prime Video.

1. Little Miss Sunshine


in the adventure movie Little Miss Sunshine, you will follow the saga of a family to fulfill Olive’s (Abigail Breslin’s) dream: to participate in a beauty contest. Even outside the standards, the family did not hesitate to embark on a trip so that she can live this moment.

Little Miss Sunshine is available on Star+.

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