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Since Persuasiondebuted in the catalog of Netflix, last July, the search for subscribers to the streaming by works of Jane Austen has become increasingly frequent.

By having a diverse catalogue, the Netflix It has several period works recommended for those who enjoy the author’s novels. Knowing this, the About Sagas separated 7 adaptations and movies that deserve your attention. Check out the full list below:


The first – and perhaps most obvious – recommendation on the list is the movie Persuasion“, controversial adaptation of the Jane Austen which has given rise to talk among subscribers. By trying to insert a comic tone to the events of the story, the production presents a Anne Elliot most independent and passionate. After giving up her marriage early, the character is reunited with her great love after 8 yearsand now will do anything to win him.

Pride and Prejudice

It’s impossible to talk about Jane Austen without citing one of his most brilliant works. The book Pride and Prejudicewas adapted for theaters in 2005, and the film starring Keira Knightley (Pirates of the Caribbean) was a big hit in the awards season. The film follows the drama of Elizabeth Bennett, who lives with her father and sisters in the English countryside. Everything changes when she is known to the prominent Mr. Darcy, character with which despite the chemistry, she finds herself reluctant to fall in love.

ice city

Among the films that, despite not being adaptations of Jane Austen, use several references by the author, one of which stands out is ice city“. Here, spectators are transported to the icy Saint Petersburg, at Russia, to accompany an unlikely love story between a street thief and the daughter of a mighty aristocrat. Will they be able to overcome their differences so that, in the end, they are together?

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