7 simple tricks to make your cell phone battery last longer

Does your cell phone battery drain quickly? Just when you need it most? Calm down, there’s a solution.

See below a step-by-step guide with 7 simple and useful tips to increase your smartphone’s battery life throughout the day. And they are valid for Android and iPhone (IOS).

Remember that several features you use on the device compromise battery usage time and this is what usually compromises energy.

7 useful tricks to save battery

1- Lower the screen brightness

Reducing the screen brightness is a great alternative, especially if your phone has a very large screen.

Choose to use 100% brightness only in places with excessive light, or at peak solar times, for example.

2- Use energy saving mode

When activating the “Power Saving” feature, mobile phones automatically make changes to certain tools, such as lowering the screen resolution and brightness level; suspension of application update; limiting processor speed and disabling secondary features.

3- Turn off Bluetooth

Connectivity features such as Bluetooth are some of the main culprits for mobile phone power consumption. Therefore, when the tool is not in use, remember to deactivate it.

4- Check unnecessary access to your location and turn off

Many apps collect ‘Location’ data in the background, and this practice can end up reducing battery life.

In this sense, it can be useful to change the tracking settings, as, in this way, the software will only check the location when it is, in fact, necessary.

5- Enable night mode

Enabling night mode causes all app interfaces to be darkened, which can bring about 60% power reserve. Not to mention it’s a rest for the eyes, isn’t it?

6- Close apps that are running in the background

You know when you leave multiple tabs open on your computer? So on mobile it’s the same thing. In addition to overloading the smartphone’s RAM memory, applications running in the background often consume a lot of battery and mobile data.

So, to save your cell phone’s energy reserve, remember to close the software when you’re done using it.

7- In the worst case, use airplane mode

In emergency situations, putting the phone in airplane mode to save battery can be ideal, since the feature disables all cell connections (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, mobile data and even area signal).

That way, as apps and services go down, the battery is saved as much as possible.

Did you like the tips?

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