“A Taste of Summer” cinema until Sunday at the Teatro da Escola Sá de Miranda

“The Kid”, by Charles Chaplin, was the film that opened this Tuesday, August 2nd, another edition of the film cycle “A Gosto de Verão”, which runs until Sunday, the 7th, at Teatro da Sa de Miranda School. In six days, 12 films will be shown, and this year there is a novelty. “Mini”, designed for children, always at 4:00 pm. The evenings, with sessions at 21:00, are for revelers.

To watch with family and friends, the “Mini” sessions bring the films: “The Kid”, by Charles Chaplin; “Aniki Bóbó”, by Manoel de Oliveira; “The Boy and the World”, by Alê Abreu; “Tito and the birds”, by Gabriel Bitar, André Catoto and Gustavo Steinberg; “Microcosmos”, by Claude Nuridsany and Marie Pérennou and a set of short films inspired by a fable, in partnership with Play – Lisbon International Film Festival for Children and Youth.

At night, the public can watch the following films: “We came”, by José Vieira; “Recreio”, by Laura Wandel; a set of short films for “Laugh a lot and Tear a little”; “Alice Junior”, by Gil Baroni; “Girls”, by Pilar Palomero and “A stone in the pocket”, by Joaquim Pinto.
Promoted by the municipality of Braga, with the programming in charge of the Cineclube Aurélio da Paz dos Reis, the cinema cycle is free of charge, upon presentation of a free ticket that must be collected at the box office of Teatro da Escola Sá de Miranda one hour before each session.

Tickets can be booked via the email ‘cineclube@aureliodapazdosreis.org’.

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