After elimination, Retr responds to provocations from Santa Cruz fans and stings Cobra’s financial conditions

(Photo: Rafael Vieira/Esp. DP Photo)” title=”(Photo: Rafael Vieira/Esp. DP Photo)“/>

Despite having performed the best overall campaign of the tournament, Retrô is eliminated from Série D of the Brazilian Championship. To make the situation worse for Fênix, the team responsible for their elimination, Santa Cruz, ended the group stage of the competition with the worst record among those classified in the knockout stage. After the game, the choral crowd took the opportunity to provoke the opponent.

Among the artifices used by the tricolores to incite the Retrô, the most used was the fact that the team was owned by the same owner of Unibra, a private university in Recife. “Students are on vacation,” joked a Cobra fan in a Twitter post. “Retrô went on vacation on the day of back to school”, pinned another. Even the official profile of Santa Cruz, in a subtle way, fell into the joke.

“I’m not going to college tomorrow,” the club wrote on social media. Faced with this, the eliminated Retro decided to respond to the provocations. On Instagram, the Camaragibe club used the premise of the rival fans’ jokes to pinpoint the financial conditions of Tricolor do Arruda. “We are on vacation, but like all paid monthly fees. There are people who are playing and are still in default”, published Fênix (check it out in the post below).

It is worth remembering that this is not the first time that Retro has provoked a rival after being eliminated. In May, after the runner-up of the Pernambuco Championship, against Náutico, the Camaragibe club posted an image ‘congratulating’ Timbu on ‘graduation’ after winning three consecutive games in Aflitos. In the post, Fênix pins the red and ironically asked the opposing fans not to mess up Retrô’s ‘party house’, the Aflitos.

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