Amber Heard out of Aquaman 2 or not?

In this week that happened the end of the trial of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp (whose ex-husband and franchise actor Pirates of the Caribbean suing her for defamation) a strange but apparently authoritative figure emerged.

Juliette Lauren Fischerwho billed herself as an executive producer at Warner Bros., and said two things, the first is that Paris Hilton would be in talks to become Mera in place of heardand the second is that Amber Heard was deleted from the final version of the movie Aquaman 2 after the actress lost her trial, but who is Juliette Lauren Fischer? is producer of Warner same?

The two alleged news given first hand by the alleged producer resulted in posts from fan profiles on twitteras well as by serious vehicles in Brazil such as People’s Mail and IGNthat despite claiming not to know if the account was true or not, their newsrooms thought it was worth the space on the site to post the supposed information warm.

EXCLUSIVE |  Amber Heard out of Aquaman 2 or not?
Juliette Lauren Fisher, alleged producer of the movie Aquaman.

It is not known what attitudes to Warner will take after the trial, but one thing we can say, Juliette Lauren Fischer does not exist and is not a producer of Warner. It is worth noting, first of all, that Lauren Fischer (here without the “c”) is a producer, but not of the Warnerbut rather a documentary series on Apple TV.

In fact, the profile is fake and was created by trolls to try to further influence public opinion against Amber Heard (as if it needed more). The photo used in the profile of the alleged producer is actually a photo model, marketing specialist and owner of Posh Voyage, Stefanie Kronemeyerwhich as we can see is not a producer of Warner Bros.

Stefanie Kronemeyer as a model.

Lauren Fischer had informed that he was in a meeting to define the future of Amber Heard in the Aquaman franchise, however an insider also said that this meeting took place. We just need to analyze that, if Lauren posted that such a meeting happened before the insider who claimed the same thing, we can assume that the same was based on the information given by the fake account.

Therefore, it became clear that Juliette Lauren Fischer does not exist, her alleged involvement in Aquaman 2 is not credited on the film’s IMDB, her photo used in her now-deleted profile is fake, and Lauren Fisher is a sports producer, not a film company. Warner Bros.

Aquaman 2 is still with Amber Heard so far, and should debut in 2023.

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