Android has 17 apps excluded from its list

A new wave of cell phone attacks android was registered recently. Although not new, 17 apps were excluded from the Play Store on suspicion of stealing passwords from users who downloaded them. Check out why this happens and which programs were deleted.

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Android at risk? Know the malicious apps

Malware is the official name for malicious computer programs, popularly known as viruses. Their goal is almost always the same: stealing information from internet users through their devices. However, they can still advertise inappropriate advertisements and access personal data such as passwords. That is, some viruses can steal password from inside your smartphone, computer or tablet.

Hackers often create fake apps to insert viruses into them and make the user download and install the threat without realizing it. Hundreds of thousands of people have already experienced the problem.

According to TendMicro, a company specializing in digital security, 17 apps were recently removed from the Play Store as fraudulent programs. They were meant to steal password.

Check out which apps are removed from Android for stealing password

  • Call Recorder;
  • Call Recorder Pro+;
  • VPN Rooster;
  • Super Cleaner;
  • Extra Cleaner;
  • FixCleaner;
  • Lucky Cleaner;
  • Simple Cleaner;
  • Document Scanner;
  • Document Scanner Pro;
  • Universal Saver Pro (two versions);
  • Unicc QR Scanner;
  • Eagle Photo Editor;
  • Just In: Video Motion;
  • Conquer Darkness;
  • Crypto Utils.

How to protect yourself?

The best way to protect yourself from viruses for Android or any other operating system is not to download strange and unknown programs. Always keep an antivirus active and try to update the apps inside your device.

Be wary of programs and websites that look suspicious and search for information before downloading and installing it on your phone. The best weapon to avoid having your password stolen or information leaked is prevention, which can be done with the tactics mentioned above.

Google is always scanning the Play Store to prevent digital threats from spreading freely across the internet. Keep an eye on the news.

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