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After suffering a 3-1 comeback against América-MG last Sunday, Avaí arrived in Florianópolis and performed again this Tuesday afternoon at the CFA da Ressacada. The team led by Eduardo Barroca began the week of preparation to take on Corinthians, on Saturday.

While the holders did only regenerative work on the pitch, the reserves were led by Barroca in a training session on pressure and ball release. Check out the teams assembled by the coach:

team 1: Matheus Ribeiro, Rodrigo Freitas, Lipe and Igor; Bruno Silva, Galdezani and Vitinho; Renato, Muriqui and Guerrero.
Team 2️: Thales, Kazu, Vaz and Diego Matos; Jean Cléber, Lucas Ventura and Gustavo; Romulo, Marcinho and Nathan.

Goalkeepers Glédson, Cláudio Vitor and Igor Bohn took turns in the goals, while Dentinho took turns in the attack of team 2.

Avaí performs again at the CFA da Ressacada — Photo: Ronaldo Fontana/ge

For the match of the 21st round of Serie A, scheduled for 7 pm, in Ressacada, coach Azurra will have Bruno Silva back, who was suspended for the third yellow card. The player must return to midfield in the place of Jean Pyerre, who replaced him against Coelho, away from home.

Against Corinthians, Leão da Ilha seeks to win again after three consecutive defeats in the Brasileirão. In addition, it has a taboo of 11 years without winning the Timão. The last time was for Série A 2011, a 3-2 in Ressacada.

With 21 points, Leão da Ilha is in 16th place and has one point more than Cuiabá, the Z-4’s first team. Corinthians is the runner-up in the competition with 38 points (check the Serie A table).

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