Brazil is the country that had the most salary increase in the last six months

While domestically Brazilians still suffer from the effects of inflation and economic crisis, internationally our country stands out. This information is provided by Deel, which is a company that handles international payments management. According to a new ranking, there was a constant salary increase of Brazilians in the last six months, which placed the country first in this regard in Latin America. On the global stage, Brazil also stood out and ranked second.

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To arrive at this information, Deel used information from more than 100 thousand contracts that refer to companies in more than 150 countries. It is, therefore, the Global Hiring Reports, which is an index that collects weekly data on contracts. In this aspect, the Brazilian stands out among the professionals with the greatest success and, consequently, salary increases.

In this case, the index pointed to an increase of 174% compared to the last half of 2021. As a result, it is the country in Latin America with the best salary growth, ahead of Argentina, which is in second place. Already within the global ranking, our country is in second place in this same aspect, behind only Italy, which had a salary increase of 175% in relation to the last six months.

USA is the country that hires the most Brazilians

In addition to information on salary increases, the index also provided interesting data on the performance of Brazilians. Through it, for example, it is possible to discover that Software Engineering is the highest paying profession in Brazil. This, by the way, is a profession that increasingly stands out nationally and internationally due to good salaries. Development and Design Engineering also stand out.

Finally, the ranking also points out that the United States is the country that hires the most Brazilians, followed by the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany and Ireland. It is worth mentioning that these are precisely some of the countries that students and professionals in Brazil seek for better opportunities.

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