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Vasco has a project ready for the renovation of São Januário. As Panorama Esportivo showed this Tuesday, the club is just waiting for an understanding with the city hall to be able to start the process, which will be long, in order to start the works.

The main change in the stadium will be the expansion of the capacity, which will increase from 22 thousand to 43 thousand seats. To do so, the club will need to demolish the Olympic sports gymnasium, which currently holds 2,500 people. On site, in addition to part of the grandstand, it is also planned to build an esplanade for the traffic of fans.

The project, however, foresees the construction of a new multipurpose gymnasium, with a capacity of approximately 5 thousand people. According to Vasco directors, the club will invest more in Olympic sports, as 70% of football will be sold to 777 Partners.

One of the main changes that modernization will bring, if it gets off the ground, is the demolition of the walls of São Januário. It is worth noting, however, that the facade is listed and will not be altered. The suggestion is that the high gray walls, which often resemble a prison, be lowered and replaced by a more airy structure that integrates the stadium with the community.

The Vasco Museum will also be built in the São Januário Complex. Currently, the club has a living space installed in the old trophy room.

The water park will also be preserved, which will not undergo any changes, and the Colégio Vasco da Gama, which will continue to operate in the complex.

Source: Sports Panorama Blog – O Globo

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