China holds drills around Taiwan to ‘rehearse reunification operation’ amid Pelosi’s visit

Joint military exercises around the island of Taiwan by the People’s Liberation Army of China (PLA) continued on Wednesday with a joint blockade, sea assault, and land and air combat drills involving the use of advanced weapons, including J-stealth fighter jets. -20 and DF-17 hypersonic missiles. The drills began Tuesday night when US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi landed on the island, which seriously violates China’s sovereignty.

The exercises are unprecedented as PLA conventional missiles are expected to fly over the island of Taiwan for the first time. PLA forces will enter the area within 12 nautical miles of the island and the so-called median line will cease to exist, experts said, noting that by fully encircling Taiwan, the PLA is completely blockading the island, demonstrating the Chinese mainland’s absolute control over Taiwan. the Taiwan issue.

The PLA Eastern Theater Command on Wednesday organized units from the Navy, Air Force, Rocket Force, Strategic Support Force and Joint Logistic Support Force and conducted joint exercises oriented towards realistic combat in maritime and air space along the north, southwest and southeast of the island of Taiwan, the PLA’s Eastern Theater Command said in a press release.

Joint blockade, sea assault, ground attack and air combat exercises were at the heart of the operation as the exercises tested the troops’ joint operational capabilities, the press release said.

J-20 stealth fighters, H-6K bombers, J-11 fighter jets, Type 052D destroyers, Type 056A corvettes and DF-11 short-range ballistic missiles are among the weapons used in training.

After Pelosi’s plane landed in Taipei, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army announced major military live-fire exercises in areas in the waters and airspace around Taiwan from August 4 to 7, as shown in the chart.

SOURCE: Global Times – Chinese Communist Party-backed newspaper, commenting on international issues from a nationalist perspective


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