Come to iPhone you too: Apple releases new video for Android users

Following the contents of the “Switching to iPhone” series, or switching to the iPhone, Apple released a new video last Monday (1st) taking several doubts from Android users who want to switch sides. The teaching material touches on topics for lay people, such as transfer of contacts, photos and messages, exchanges, long-term updatesamong other topics.

There is an emphasis on the “Migrate to iOS” app, which has been around since 2015, with a simple step-by-step guide on how to transfer a multitude of data between phones from different manufacturers and systems. Here, you can select from contacts, to photos and videos and WhatsApp backup content. Even apps are already automatically downloaded to the new device if they are available on the App Store.

The video, which also ends up being a disguised advertisement, also highlights aspects such as the durability and strength of the devices’ construction, water resistance and battery life. They even play with the question of how much trust iOS and its security and privacy features can be — a very controversial topic, and one that naturally the video doesn’t address from the point of view of controversies like when Apple said it would start analyzing photos that transit on their platforms to identify material that shows child sexual abuse.

Anyway, the video ends up being a condensed version of what is already possible to find on Apple’s official website, but with the audiovisual as an educational tool — and commercial, insofar as it can clear up the doubts of many users.

But and you? Do you have an Android and are thinking about getting an iPhone, or vice versa?

Migrate to iOS

Developer: Apple Inc.

Free of charge

Size: 1.5MB

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