CONMEBOL releases VAR audio on Flamengo’s goal over Corinthians

Conmebol released the VAR audio of Flamengo’s controversial goal over Corinthians last Tuesday. In the 36th minute of the first half, Cantillo tried to play, the ball deflected in Arrascaeta, hit João Gomes’ arm and returned to the Uruguayan, who scored a beautiful goal to open the match.

On the field, referee Patrício Loustau scored the goal, while Germán Delfino, responsible for VAR, confirmed the red-black goal.

In the audio, it is possible to hear the team stating that João Gomes’ arm was in a natural position and that there was no “imminence” of a goal, as Arrascaeta was responsible for swinging the nets.

With the determination that has been valid in world football since June 2021, if the accidental touch of an athlete’s hand generates an assist for another striker who will score the goal, the bid will be legal.

Prior to this change, the rule stated that an involuntary handball on offense should be flagged as a foul if it leads directly to a goal or a “manifest occasion for a goal”.

“In the 37th minute, as soon as a red-black player plays the ball, it accidentally touches the arm of his teammate, which is in the natural position, not constituting a sanctionable hand”, they explain in the video.

“According to the rules of the game, only any player who scores a goal in the opponent’s goal directly with his hand or arm, including if the action happens accidentally. Or immediately after the ball touches his hand or arm , including accidentally. In this case, the player who converts the goal receives the rebound ball from a non-sanctionable accidental hand on the part of the teammate. Therefore, the goal is valid”, he adds.

Check out the main excerpts from the released conversation:

AVAR: Chest
VAR: Chest for me is enabled
VAR: Possible offside
AVAR: I say enabled, all clean, all ball. Take his hand. in the companion
Referee: For me it’s a goal.
Referee: Is in a natural position and comes from a teammate
VAR: Yes, for me the hand is in a natural position
Assistant: Pato, I see the hand stuck to the body
VAR: Then, make a natural movement of the body
VAR: It’s a natural position, it’s in a natural movement of the body, and it’s not imminent, because whoever scores the goal is the other.

Current International Board guidelines state that handball will be considered an offense in the following situations:

– If the player deliberately touches the ball with his hand or arm, moving his hand or arm towards the ball;

– Touching the ball with the hand or arm when the hand or arm is in an unnatural position, thereby expanding the body’s space. By having the hand or arm in such a position, the player runs the risk of the hand or arm being hit by the ball and being penalized;

– To score a goal on the opposing team, immediately after the ball touches your hand or arm, even if accidentally.

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