Corinthians was lucky not to take 4-0 from Flamengo, says RMP

Corinthians ended the period of six months and the series of 21 unbeaten games at Neo Química Arena with the defeat imposed by Flamengo by 2 to 0 in the first match for the quarterfinals of Libertadores, now needing to win at Maracanã to be able to advance in the competition. For Renato Maurício Prado, the Corinthians fan should be grateful for not being in a worse situation considering what was yesterday’s game (2).

At the UOL News Sportthe UOL columnist says that the 2-0 score ended up being cheap and Flamengo produced to make a more elastic score even acting in an environment in which Corinthians is hardly defeated.

“2 to 0 was very cheap. Corinthians were lucky not to take 4 to 0, because Flamengo had enough game volume for that. is so big and the fact that the other game is at Maracanã, I would say that Flamengo has a hand and a half in that spot”, says Renato.

The journalist considers that Vítor Pereira knew how to set up the Corinthians team for the start of the game, but his strategy was dismantled by the quality of Arrascaeta and emphasizes that the technical difference between the two squads became more evident.

“Vítor Pereira even set up Corinthians well tactically in the face of the difference, there is a very big technical difference between the two teams, especially between the two squads. In the first half Corinthians started even better, mainly because they had the marking fitted, Flamengo I couldn’t make great attacking moves, but that’s where Arrascaeta’s genius comes in”, says Renato.

“Arrascaeta makes a first comeback at Cássio’s angle, which is really one of those where you pay the ticket, go out and come back to buy another one. After that the game ended because Corinthians had to go back to the second half modified and already trying go out to get a draw and Flamengo paraded there at the Neo Química Arena, there is no other term, they paraded. After Gabigol scores the second goal, then the bill was completely paid”, he concludes.

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