Crime in Foz: Record of cameras was deleted, says expert – 02/08/2022 – Poder

A new expertise was attached this Tuesday (2) to the process that investigates the death of municipal guard Marcelo Arruda, in Foz do Iguaçu (PR). She points out that there was a cleaning in the access log of the device that recorded the images of the day of the crime. As a result, it is not possible to know who had access to this data.

The answer could help the police answer some open questions about the murder committed during Marcelo’s 50th birthday party, which was themed on former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and his party, the PT.

Among the doubts is who would have shown the images to the Bolsonarist criminal police officer Jorge Guaranho, author of the murder. They may have been the trigger for him to go to the party and shoot the PT.

The report issued by the criminal expertise of Paraná says that the recorder’s remote service was activated and that at 8:57 am on July 11 – two days after the crime – there was a “Clean” event, which erased all access records from the device. .

Thus, it was not possible to say whether there was access to the images on the date of the murder, much less who accessed them.

The investigation pointed out, however, that there is no evidence of alteration in the recordings or images. The requested lip-reading of the people in the images also cannot be performed, says the criminal police.

External images of the security circuit of the ballroom show the beginning of the argument between Jorge and Marcelo. Another internal security camera also recorded the moment when the Bolsonar criminal police officer invaded the birthday and shot the PT.

During the action, the PT reacted and fired shots at his attacker. The investigation, which ruled out political crime in its framework, was concluded in five days and had already been sent to the Public Ministry of Paraná.

According to the police, the crime had a base motive and, technically, will not be classified as a hate crime, political or against the democratic rule of law, due to lack of elements for it.

experts heard by Sheet state that in Brazilian legislation there are no specific criminal types of hate crime with political motivation or the political crime of killing a partisan or ideological opponent.

But the political character can be considered a base or futile motive for the murder and raise the prison sentence to the maximum provided for in Brazilian law, which is 30 years.

They also point out that the political motivation of a crime is different from a political crime – which could be applicable in the case of violations against the democratic rule of law.

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