Cruzeiro vs Tombense: see the partial of tickets sold for the game

Cruzeiro fans promise to fill Mineirão against Tombense
photo: Juarez Rodrigues/EM/DAPress

Cruzeiro fans promise to fill Mineirão against Tombense

Cruzeiro fans have already bought more than 15,000 tickets for the match against Tombense. The game will be this Saturday (6), at 19h, at Mineirão, in Belo Horizonte, for the 22nd round of Série B of the Brazilian Championship.

Starting this Thursday (4), the general public will also be able to purchase tickets for the game (click here). Ticket sales started this Monday afternoon (1st) for supporters (click here). Ticket prices range from R$60 to R$150 (R$30 and R$75 at half).

With the sale of more than 15 thousand tickets in just two days, the expectation is that Gigante da Pampulha will once again receive a large audience. Below, see the table of audience and income of Cruzeiro as home team in Série B this season.

Raposa’s board decided to open only the Yellow (Lower and Upper), Orange (Lower and Upper), Red (Lower and Upper) and Purple (Lower) sectors. The Upper Purple Sector will only open in case of high demand.

Cruzeiro audiences as home team in Serie B

Ranking of Cruzeiro’s home audiences in Serie B

  • Brusque – 19,115
  • Londrina – 14,074
  • Guild – 21,831*
  • Sampaio Corrêa – 58,397
  • CRB – ​​42,004
  • Ponte Preta – 58,076
  • Sport – 39,032
  • Vila Nova – 34,957
  • Novorizontino – 46,890
  • Bahia – 49,066

*Independence game

Income values

– Yellow (Upper and Lower) – Integer: R$ 60.00; Sock: BRL 30.00

– Red (Upper and Lower) – Integer: R$ 100.00; Sock: BRL 50.00

– Purple (Bottom and Top) – Whole: R$ 150.00; Sock: BRL 75.00

– Orange (Upper and Lower) – Whole: R$ 60.00; Sock: BRL 30.00

Visiting fans will be able to buy their tickets, also through the website, for the Roxo Superior sector, Portão A, for R$ 150.00 for the whole and R$ 75.00 for the half.

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