Cuiabá does not have a left-back for the match against Fluminense

(Photo: AssCom Dourado)

Cuiabá has problems facing Fluminense, for the 21st round of the Brasileirão, next Sunday (7), at Maracanã. Without Uendel until the end of the season, the coach lost Igor Cariús by automatic suspension. With that, coach António Oliveira is out of options on the left side.

Cuiabá’s coaching staff has at least three options for the position. Dourado can have an improvised piece in the role, change in tactical design or debut of a young player in the Brasileirão. Alexandre Melo, currently in the U-23 team and not yet listed in Serie A is the main option. In the current season, he played two matches for the Sudamericana, when Dourado was already eliminated, and two games in the Brazilian of Aspirants. The choice would keep the tactical design in defense, and with a piece of origin in the function.

If he chooses other players, the Cuiabá coach will improvise someone from other positions, as is the case with Alan Empereur, who is recovering from muscle discomfort. Left-handed, the defender has already played as a side in his career and, if he has the conditions to play, becomes a possibility of improvisation for the coaching staff. If chosen to start the match, the player can also enter on the left in a line of three defenders, a system used against Palmeiras.

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