Does this technology work on cell phones that take 4G?

5G technology: does 4G cell phone work with this novelty? Check out the main differences and what you can do to change

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In the last week, the implementation of 5G technology arrived in three new Brazilian capitals: Belo Horizonte (MG), Porto Alegre (RS) and João Pessoa (PB). Until now, operations had only started in Brasília. It is worth remembering that this is a very recent technology and will gradually arrive in other capitals.

Among the advantages that 5G offers are up to 20 times faster downloads and a more stable, low-latency connection. But, who has a cell phone that supports 4G technology, can they use 5G? Find out more below.

5G technology: does 4G cell phone work with this new internet?

So, despite all the advantages of 5G, there is a downside. Most people still have cell phones that only support 4G, which has raised questions about the possibility that these cell phones work with 5G.

However, this unfortunately will not be possible. For the technology to work, cell phones need to have the technology built into the device. In this case, the device hardware cannot be exchanged or upgraded. The solution is just to buy a new cell phone. In addition, it is also not possible to change the carrier’s SIM card.

Finally, you need to know that you obviously won’t need to change your cell phone to use 5G, as 4G technology will continue to work normally, without any kind of problem.

So, when you think there is a need to use 5G technology, you can program yourself to change the device. Check out here some of the cell phones that already accept the technology.

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