End of life: Scientists estimate when the next mass extinction will occur on Earth

The study named “The relationship between the magnitude of extinction and climate change during major crises between marine and terrestrial animals” was coordinated by several scientists from various regions of the world based on the other 5 extinctions that have already occurred on Earth.

Kunio Kaiho, who is the author of the study and a climate specialist at the University of Tohoku (Japan), says that there is a linear relationship between the planet’s biodiversity and the Earth’s surface temperature, where large deviations can cause the mass extinction of several species. species.

To give you an idea, a negative deviation of 7º C or a positive deviation of 9º C is enough to trigger great extinctions, as many animals, plants and even we humans are very sensitive to sudden changes in temperature like these. Just remember extreme weather events that occurred recently in Europe, triggering more than a thousand deaths and forest fires.

Speaking of the date, the study estimates that the extinction of life on Earth should occur around the year 2500, triggered by a 5.2°C rise in Earth’s temperature, although Kaiho estimates that the rise could be much higher: 9°C.

The scientist also states that there is already evidence that the planet’s biodiversity is already in decline, where many species of animals and plants are already in extinction. In this way, life on Earth should not go extinct abruptly like the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs 66 million years ago, but rather gradually.

Thus, it is necessary to invest more and more in energy sources with less or zero emission of pollutants, reduce waste production and encourage recycling, as well as stop deforestation and encourage reforestation, as forests like the Amazon help restore balance climate change for the entire planet and not just one region.

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