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Ms. Marvel was the last live-action series in the MCU until She-Hulk arrived a few weeks from now. The series came to an end a little while ago, after the release of its shocking sixth episode. Which ended up revealing Kamala as a MUTANT and a big hook for The Marvels.


Now, Iman Vellani will return as Kamala in the Captain Marvel movie. While we wait for more, here’s a great special to kill the longing for the character and the actress until then.

This is the new episode of the documentary series ‘Avante’, which always shows behind the scenes of MCU movies and series. And the episode released TODAY (03/08) is precisely about the backstage of the series that brought Kamala to the live-action universe.

The special is 1 hour long and is now available on Disney+. Run soon to watch!

It’s worth remembering that with the exception of Spider-Man 3, ALL Phase 4 movies and series got Avante specials. All are available there on streaming!

So, there’s a great marathon for those who like to see more behind the cameras of the MCU! In the meantime, keep an eye out here at Marvel’s legacy for more information.

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Writer Didn’t Want Captain Marvel In The Series

Ms. Marvel, without a doubt, is the most beloved new character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe among all the newcomers. Her Disney+ series conveyed exactly the essence of the character that won over her comic book readers.

A great feature present in the character in the comics that was passed on to the MCU is that Kamala Khan is a big fan of superheroes, especially Captain Marvel.

The two characters are close in the comics and the beginning of Kamala Khan’s heroine career had a little help from Carol Danvers, something that fans also expected to happen in the MCU series. But Captain Marvel only appeared in the post-credits, with no interaction with Kamala.

Captain Marvel in Ms.  Marvel

However, as explained by series writer and executive producer Bisha K. Ali, in an interview with SyFy, revealed how she “did not write the scene” with Brie Larson, but that “It was actively my wish that she was not on the show [no geral]”:

“I didn’t write the scene. But the Brie of it all was the hope that the post-credits scene would be Captain Marvel. It was actively my wish that she wasn’t on the show at all, because I think that undermines the analogy. In the beginning, when Kamala is looking at herself in that mirror, she is wearing a Captain Marvel cosplay imitation. She wants to be that person. And in the end, it’s not that she doesn’t have admiration for Captain Marvel anymore, but that she’s seeing herself. This is who I am and I am literally using every part of the people who love me.”

She goes on to explain why she didn’t want the Captain on the show, pointing out how “Captain Marvel would suddenly put us on a different path”:

“And so it was really important for that to happen, and it was her stepping away from that in a lot of ways. Captain Marvel would suddenly put us on a different path. Someone in the world would have written a brilliant version of this story, but that wasn’t for me. In fact, I’m really glad it turned out the way it did. I would love to work with Brie, don’t get me wrong. But I’m really happy that they wanted the show to be for Kamala and for Captain Marvel to come to the end. And it’s also a great teaser of what’s to come. What’s to come? It’s so exciting!”

Ms.  Marvel

Finally, she also commented on the fans’ confusion about what happened in the post-credits scene: if Kamala turned into Carol, like in the comics, or if they switched places:

“To me, it was really obvious what was going on — it was an exchange. I think it would be crazy for me to introduce a new power to her in the post-credits scene, when we’ve already introduced embigening. I haven’t completely lost my mind, folks. [Risos.] But the distinction is important. And I understand why there is confusion, just because in Ms. Marvel #1, she literally transformed into Captain Marvel. I wish they had made it a little more clearly? Perhaps. But the ambiguity is fun.”

Looking back, actually putting Carol in the middle of the plot presented in the series would be a bit of a stretch. The series focused a lot on Kamala discovering her powers and her origins.

Certainly the relationship between the two characters will be very well explored and justified in the marvelswhere the characters will return as a trio of heroines alongside Monica Rambeau.

Stay tuned here at Marvel’s legacy so you don’t miss any news!


In the comics, Ms. Marvel is Kamala Khan, a young woman of Pakistani origin who discovers she is an Inhuman. As she develops her powers, the young woman is inspired by Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers, to do good. She will debut in the MCU with her series on Disney+.

The actress Iman Vellani was confirmed as the protagonist. While Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah (Bad Boys Forever), Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy (A Girl in Rio) and Meera Menon (The Punisher, The Walking Dead, Titans) are confirmed to direct the episodes. All the SIX EPISODES of the series are now available on Disney+.

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