FAST loan of up to BRL 30,000 without guarantee? Find out how to apply!

Now that the Covid-19 pandemic has lessened its severity, many people are having to put several plans into practice. But for that you need money. We know that getting loan amounts is not always a simple process.

Grupo Santander now has a company that seeks to facilitate these transfers to the population. Sim can guarantee payments of up to BRL 30,000 and still without guarantee. Understand better below.

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The Santander group has a fintech company called Sim. It seeks to offer solutions for technology and financial sectors. Now she has the possibility of loans with 2.16% interest per month. To improve, payments can be made up to 36 times.

The big difference between it and other types of credit is that the customer is not required to provide any type of proof of income to the institution. Another point is not having to explain the reason for the loan, as some companies request.

However, the process included a detailed analysis of each of the proposals. The bases sought are the financial histories of the people who want the payment. In this way, the person’s occupation is studied along with his credit profile and how he can pay the debt.

From these steps, the company decides whether or not to transfer the loan and if the answer is yes, how much will be available to the customer.

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More about the program

As previously mentioned, the fintech will decide the amounts available for each person applying for the loan. In addition, it is also up to the institution to calculate the interest in each situation. However, one of the best parts of the process is being able to do everything without leaving your home. Because it is a fintech, the company works only over the internet.

Depending on the customer’s choice, there is the possibility of paying the debt directly by cell phone during all the months of the loan financing. This is because the discharge occurs through bank slip, which in turn can be paid via internet banking.

Another option is to configure the method for charging via debit if the beneficiary is a Santander account holder.

People who still have doubts about the process necessary to obtain the mentioned values, just access the official page at It is possible to create an account and perform a loan agreement simulation. Then the contract is done in a few minutes.

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