“For me the hand is…”; CONMEBOL releases VAR audio about controversial move in duel between Flamengo and Corinthians


Controversial bid involved a touch of the ball in the hand of João Gomes

Photo: Ettore Chiereguini/AGIF |  The referee was Argentine Patrício Loustau
Photo: Ettore Chiereguini/AGIF | The referee was Argentine Patrício Loustau

Flamengo got the better of the first knockout match of the quarterfinals of Libertadores da América and beat Corinthians 2×0, at Neo Química Arena, with goals scored by Arrascaeta and Gabriel Barbosa, and now carries the advantage for the decision inside from home, complicating the life of the São Paulo club in the continental competition.

The match had only one controversial move, which occurred in the play that culminated in Flamengo’s first goal. During the play, the ball hit João Gomes’ arm, leaving Arrascaeta to open the scoring in the first half of the match. And, as expected, Corinthians players complained a lot, because the field referee, Argentine Patrício Loustau, considered the touch natural, and he didn’t even need to go to the video monitor, it only took a few moments of analysis for the match to restart .

As usual, Conmebol released the VAR audio, in the early hours of this Wednesday (3), which reveals the agreement of the video referee with the referee on the field. In the audio released Patrício Loustau informs that the red-black player “is in a natural position and comes from a teammate. I didn’t see a markable hand.”, opinion shared by fellow Argentine Germán Delfino. “Yes, for me the hand is in a natural position. It makes a natural movement of the body. It is a natural position, the body is in a natural movement. And it’s not imminent, because whoever scores the goal is another player”, says VAR.

It is worth noting that, in March last year, the International Board, the body that determines the rules of football, released a circular with new guidance on hand and arm touches on the ball. “The player will be punished for unnaturally widening body space only when his arm/hand position is not a consequence of that player’s body movement for that play,” the circular explained.

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