Grey’s Anatomy: What?! Ellen Pompeo will appear in just eight episodes of Season 19; know the reason

“Grey’s Anatomy” without Meredith Grey? More or less… This Wednesday (3), Deadline revealed that the star of the ABC phenomenon, Ellen Pompeo, will be in just 8 of the 22 episodes of the 19th season of the show. How so, people?! The reason would be the involvement of the actress in a side project, the miniseries “Orphan”, on Hulu.

According to the publication, Pompeo will not be completely out of episodes in which her character does not appear. She will continue to narrate the chapters, as well as remaining an executive producer on the medical drama.

The role in “Orphan” is Pompeo’s first major role, in addition to being head of General Surgery at Gray Sloan Memorial. The new work on the streaming platform is an adaptation of the 2009 film of the same name. The story is about Ukrainian Natalia Grace and her American adoptive parents, who claim that the girl is an adult “sociopath” pretending to be a child.

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The series will tell what led Kristine Barnett and her husband Michael to abandon their adopted daughter, when the girl was just 9 years old. (Photo: Playback/Warner Bros. Pictures)

Fans had already noticed a decrease in the actress’ participation in “Grey’s” over the past few years. Derek Shepherd’s (Patrick Dempsey) widow spent a considerable portion of Season 17 unconscious, and stayed in Minnesota for several episodes the following year.

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“While there have been rumors that Pompeo may be wrapping up Meredith’s story next season, I’ve heard that there’s still no decision on whether Season 19 would be the last for Pompeo as a star — or the show’s final chapter. ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ creator Shonda Rhimes said she doesn’t see ‘Grey’s’ continuing without its protagonist”explained Deadline.

The hugely successful medical series focuses on a group of young doctors who started their careers as residents.

Previously, in an interview, the actress had already admitted that she would like to see the series end soon. “I’m trying to focus on convincing everyone they need to break up”, he told Insider. This may explain the arrival of new residents in the next cycle of the program. The 19th season of “Grey’s Anatomy” is scheduled to premiere on October 6 in the United States.

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