How to check the FGTS profit values ​​by cell phone?

Caixa finalized the deposit of the FGTS profit and distributed just over R$ 13 billion to 106,700 workers. Know more.

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Caixa Econômica Federal finalized the deposit of profit from the Severance Indemnity Fund (FGTS) and distributed just over R$ 13 billion to 106,700 workers who had balances in accounts until December 31 of last year.

However, this profit cannot be withdrawn. Workers can only withdraw funds from the fund under the conditions provided for by law, such as in case of purchase of their own home, serious illness, unfair dismissal, retirement and public calamity.

It is also possible to withdraw the FGTS if the account has not been deposited for three years and in the birthday withdrawal mode. It is worth remembering that the fund’s profit is not included in the 40% termination fine.

How to calculate FGTS profit values?

To calculate the amount to be received, it is enough for the person to multiply the balance of each in his name on December 31 of last year by 02748761. The greater the balance of the account linked to the FGTS, the greater the amount that the worker can receive .

In short, R$27.49 was paid for every R$1,000 of balance. So, if a person had BRL 2,000, they will have a credit of BRL 54.98 from the distribution, for example.

How to check the FGTS profit values ​​by cell phone?

It is possible to check the FGTS balance through the fund’s application or through Caixa Econômica Federal’s internet banking. The worker can opt for the most practical option for him.

In the FGTS app, available for Android and iOS, the person just needs to log in. If it is the worker’s first access, he must select the “Register” option and fill in all the requested data. In addition, if the worker is already a Caixa customer, he/she can access the FGTS statement on Caixa’s internet banking.

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Image: Renato P Castilho /

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