Intel Core i7-13700K goes to 6.18 GHz in overclock and surpasses 1000 points in single thread on CPU-Z

That puts it ahead of even the i9-13900K, according to leaks

CPU-Z prints, posted on Twitter by the leaker QXE87reveal that the processor Intel Core i7-13700K managed to reach over a thousand points in the application’s single thread benchmark. This was possible with everyone the eight performance cores configured in almost 6.2 GHz and the other eight efficient cores close to 4.2 GHz.

The next mainstream CPU in the Raptor Lake series was on an Asus Z690 ROG Strix A motherboard with DDR4 memories. CPU-Z only shows 16 threads, because hyper threading was disabled. This SKU has 24 threads, according to unofficial information so far.

The engineering sample of the i7-13700K used achieved 1009.9 points in single thread and 11877 in multi thread. This puts it ahead of even the high-end SKU of the 14th Gen Intel Core, the i9-13900K, according to the leaks.

The leaker says that Raptor Lake processors work well with voltages at 1.3 V and can be cooler, unlike current Alder Lake processors. In this case, the i7-13700K was set to 1,536 V. Unfortunately, no information about the cooling system or temperatures was revealed.

Single thread scores on CPU-Z

Processor Specifications Single Thread Score
Core i7-13700K ES* 8P @ 6.18 GHz + 8E @ 4.19 GHz 1010
Core i7-13700K ES 8P @ 6.0 GHz 983
Core i9-13900K ES 8P @ 6.0 GHz + 8E @ (?) GHz 976
Core i7-13700K ES 8P @ 5.8 GHz + 8E @ 3.7 GHz 947
Core i9-13900K ES 8P @ 5.5 GHz 892
Core i9-13900K ES 8P @ 5.2 GHz 846
Core i9-12900K 8P @ 5.2 GHz 844
Core i9-12900K 8P @ 5.1 GHz 832
Core i9-13900K ES 8P @ 5.1 GHz 829
Core i9-12900K 8P @ 5.0 GHz 815
Core i9-13900K ES 8P @ 5.0 GHz 813
Ryzen 9 5950X 16C @ 4.9 GHz 647

ES – engineering sample in English

Specifications Raptor Lake CPUs

Core i7-13700K 16 cores (8+8)/24 threads – 3.4 / 5.3 GHz – 54 MB Cache, 125W (PL1)/225W (PL2)*
Core i7-12700K 12 cores (8+4)/20 threads – 3.6 / 5.0 GHz – 25 MB Cache, 125W (PL1)/190W (PL2)
Core i5-13600K 14 cores (6+8)/20 threads – 3.5 / 5.1 GHz – 44 MB Cache, 125W (PL1)/180W (PL2)*
Core i5-12600K 10 cores (6+4)/16 threads – 3.6 / 4.9 GHz – 20 MB Cache, 125W (PL1)/150W (PL2)
*based on unofficial information so far

The reveal of the initial lineup of Intel Core Raptor Lake processors is expected to take place at Intel’s Innovation event taking place on September 28 with the launch happening weeks later, according to rumors.


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